🍁Full Moon Spells + Songs! 🌝

“and when I rise, let me rise,
like a bird, joyfully.
and when I fall, let me fall, 
like a leaf, gracefully, 
without regret, without regret”

Blessed full moon,

Let me get right to it… things are intense right now.


But I believe we have a beautiful opportunity for expansion.


Today the Full Moon in Aires enters its peak at 2:05:06 in the afternoon…


Here’s a question to ponder and take action on in order to take this energy and wield it to your benefit:


Where in your life are you reacting, rather than A C T I N G?

I’ve been musing lately upon the humans on the planet who have cultivated a capacity within themselves to maintain a calm nervous system, a tempered mind and a peaceful heart…
WHILE staying informed, educated, holding what’s happening in the world, and taking virtuous action.


(virtue + action + courage = activism)

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So my friend, I invite you today to use the momentum of this full moon to assess your situation. 

  • Where can you take action today that will support you in overriding a knee-jerk reaction?
  • Start by looking at the places you feel most reactive right now, and make a plan of action.
  • Then make a plan B.
  • Then make a plan C.
  • Then make a plan D and E!

A great way to ground yourself in this process is to still yourself in meditation (if you’ve veered from a daily meditation practice, right now  is a reallyyyy good time to start or restart) and center yourself in your third chakra (your navel, also the home of your abs, core, diaphragm and will power).


To embody these ideas…
1. get in a meditation today, and do something physically active to light up your core.

2. As you breathe through both of these practices, come back to the areas you aspire to become more active and less reactive.

3. Make the above your intention for today. Your prayer.
(Hint: Starting around 2:05pm PT onwards will give you a lunar energetic boost!)


The words at the top of this message are lyrics from one of my most trusted song-balms, called “When I Rise”
(listen to my choir arrangement here).

This song is a potent prayer of majesty, grace, and being able to feel deeply while also holding a gentle acceptance with a neutral mind.


I’m a firm believer that using our voice and the power of sound is one of the best prescriptions for thriving inside and out, as well as blasting a beautiful beam of truthful expression out into the world! 


Keep your eyes on the action and your heart steady.

We will hold this, together.


With a humming heart,