🦁How To Thrive: Lessons from a Lioness 🦁

If astrology isn’t your thing, that’s cool. 

[I only know about Leos because I am one… typical! 😂]

I’m reaching out today because it’s my birthday— and to celebrate, I want to gift you something!

I’d like to offer you 3 ways to thrive this summer… because, well, we all need some extra support these days, right?

Without further adieu… here’s

3 Ways to Thrive Like a Lion this Summer!


1.  Value C O U R A G E above all else
Simply to be alive and awake on the planet today takes courage.
Whether you’re
– putting on a bathing suit (despite some self-consciousness)
– speaking up on your social media page about social injustice (despite never having said much on the topic before), or
– investing in yourself with time, money or resources to expand your knowledge (despite being full of doubt or a bit nervous)…

Acting from a place of courage will never steer you off course!
In fact, the more often you can walk with courage by your side, the faster your confidence and resilience will blossom before your eyes.

🦁Putting it into action:
Acknowledge yourself for at least 1 courageous thing you’ve done in the past few months, and state outloud something you want to do that scares you!

2. Take P R I D E in yourself and honor your efforts 
Pride, like many attributes, has both a positive and a negative connotation.
To be overly prideful is to be controlled by the ego. Definitely not the way to thrive!

But to take pride of ownership, pride in your work, pride in your integrity and pride in your word is to take a stand for your innate goodness.
It also requires us to acknowledge and celebrate the W I N S in our lives, whether tiny or huge.
Take pride in all that you’ve accomplished thus far this year, despite the incredible hardships and challenges you’ve (we’ve!) faced.

🦁Putting it into action:
Take 5 minutes to journal as many wins, successes and celebrations from the first half of 2020 as you can think of— both internal mindset and external actions count!

3. Stick with your soul F A M I L Y 
Your soul kin… You know who they are!
Whether related to you by blood or chosen by you in this lifetime…
Give thanks for those who surround you, uplift you, cheer you on when you succeed, dust you off when you crash and burn, and see you through both your deepest grief and most brilliant moments of joy.

The ones who are still there through it all are the ones you can count on.
Keep them close, love them up, and call upon them!
They like it when you do 😉


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🦁Putting it into action:
Call at least one soul family member this week, simply to thank them for being by your side. Ask them how you can support them right now!

That’s what this Lioness has for you on this beautiful afternoon in August…

Blessed summer, dear one!

May the sun lift your spirits, fill your cells with Vitamin D and nourish your heart with newfound hope + optimism.

In service to your endless courage,