Eat Here Now Book


Eat Here Now Book

Eat Here Now.

A bite-sized guide to ritualize your life, nourish your body and feed your spirit.

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Illustrations by Kris Davidson & Cati Flor.




Heart-based, holistic wellness coach Britta GreenViolet wants to know…

How do you feed yourself?

This book is a collection of easily digestible essays, offering daily practices for a conscious approach to your vitality.

Britta believes that a thriving existence not only seduces your taste buds and produces astounding physical results, but satiates the hunger in your heart to live a meaningful life.

These days, we often seek to train the mind and bring peace to the soul through popularized traditions such as meditation and yoga…

Food is an often-overlooking avenue to seeing our own patterns, habits and inclinations. Committing to our plate as a place of worship is perhaps the most challenging and yet the most accessible practice to cultivate joy, gratitude and lasting presence.

This book will assist you to: 

  • Slow down
  • Cultivate gratitude
  • Befriend water
  • Become a food sleuth
  • Minimize toxins in your home & your meals
  • Approach food with curiosity
  • Create a sustainable kitchen
  • Listen to your gut and honor your body’s actual needs
  • Identify problem-causing routines and behaviors in your intentions and your refrigerator
  • Love your body just as it is, and lose some weight if need be
  • Learn to embrace food as medicine