Communication is the bridge between what you long for and
making it real.

There’s no shortage of tools, trainings or resources for learning how to be a powerful manifestor in your life. And yet, it’s way too easy to self-sabotage ourselves by skipping over the parts of ourselves that resist bold, awakened action.

Any of these aspirations resonate for you?

  • Meaningful relationships where you can speak honestly
    (and trust you’ll be heard and received without judgment or criticism)
  • Trust in your own gut, intuition and feelings
    (and the ability to speak about them with ease and grace)
  • Know how to get past your comfort zone
    (and identify the difference between actual danger and your fear of the unknown)
  • Play bigger in your career, relationships and life goals
    (and show up— publicly — in bolder ways)
  • Be able to speak, sing or express yourself in front of other humans
    (without falling into shame, self-criticism or embarrassment)
  • Release the constant worry of what others think about you
    (and let their judgement be their business, not yours!)

At the heart of all these aims is a common thread…

Being willing and able to communicate and express yourself with courage, vulnerability, and unapologetic honesty.

That’s why I’m here!

To invite you into the realm of courageous communication.

This mini-course is aimed to help you uplevel your communication in service of awakening your own potential, and inspiring those around you to do the same.

My guess is you’ve got a big, beautiful vision for the life you long to live and the world you wish to see…

But no matter how big and beautiful your vision is, we’re only as powerful as our actions.

Without awakened action, there is no transformation or liberation for any of us.

And in order to awaken our actions, we must first awaken our expression and be willing to communicate courageously.

In this 7-day {free} mini course, delivered right to your inbox, you’ll explore and befriend aspects of yourself that often fall into shadow and remain unexamined for far too long, resulting in an unwillingness and inability to communicate your feelings, desires and needs to the people around you.

Unsure of whether this course is for you?

Here’s some common sticky places in our communication…

  • Difficulty communicating your feelings or thoughts vulnerably and in real-time (which leads to resentment and shallow relationships, instead of the deeply meaningful ones you crave)
  • Trouble asking for help when you need it and being publicly visible in your growth process (instead, hiding out in the shadows and expecting perfectionism)
  • Lacking confidence in your speaking or singing voice (filling your phrases with “like” or “um” or feeling horrified when you hear recordings your own voice)
  • Feeling ashamed of how you sound or appear in your creative expression (second-guessing your own truth and gut instincts)
  • Poor boundaries +/or dissociation with your body and its cues (hard time making decisions, knowing when to say yes or no)
  • Afraid to put your creative projects or your truth out publicly for fear of criticism (and lacking self-compassion and kindness when you do take a risk)
  • Hard time trusting others (or yourself, for that matter)

If it’s not clear yet, how we communicate has a HUGE impact on every relationship in our lives— with others, and with ourselves. Personally, and professionally. Outside ourselves, and inside ourselves.

If you ever wonder,

Do I have what it takes to show up with courage, presence and power in my life?

The answer is yes!

But only if you’re truly willing to say it, embody it, delight in it, and step up to the playful challenge of communicating with courage.

By the way, I’ve made this 7-day experience super juicy for you! 

Expect beautiful music, evocative journal prompts, powerful mantras, actionable worksheets and lots of real-life invitations to get you expressing yourself in a whole new way.

Ready to get started?

Let’s do this!

I’ll meet you in the realms of Courage… my favorite place to be!

In love & liberation,