Decide now, course-correct later

Greetings friends!

Is it me, or has the last month really stirred up the proverbial pot? Lots of energy moving, emotions moving, allergens moving (here in Santa Barbara it is Sneeze City right now)… From these swirling chaotic wanderings, it’s become clear to me that specificity is important. Something that came through loud and clear for me in the last month is the vital importance of deciding!

When we make a decision, we receive feedback, from our emotions, our body, and the universe.

As a holistic wellness coach, I assist folks like you with a wide array of challenges. While I help people transform their lives in many ways, 3 specific health-related topics tend to rise above the rest, standing out as the major conundrums my clients are facing today. Those three challenges are:  

Stress & Overwhelm
Brain Fog & Lethargy
Weight Gain & Lack of Confidence

Without further adieux, I have decided to embark on three 30-day campaigns, focusing one full month on each of these issues.

I want to know which ones really zing you, which ones keep you up at night, sweating or worrying or wondering when the hell you’re going to pull it together and figure it out already.

If you already work with me, or if you’re thinking about working with me, and I am focusing on a topic that doesn’t really resonate with you, not to worry; this is an experimental process.

Any and all feedback that you are willing to offer, I openly welcome.
My goal with these campaigns is to find out more about you, your life, and how I can assist you to THRIVE!
So let’s begin, shall we?

Stress & Overwhelm

If this is an issue for you, go ahead and make an audible sigh right now.

Acknowledge the struggle, and then acknowledge that you are not alone! 

It has become way too common for most of us to wake up in the morning utterly stifled by our lists, tasks, goals, dreams, projects, intentions…

Here are 3 stress-obliterating tips I’ll leave you with for immediate use.

1. Start your morning with meditation.
Seated, walking, guided, in silence or with music, eyes open or closed.
There are many methods. Choose one, try it out and go from there. I love the Insight Timer app (it’s free and wonderful). Starting our day focusing on our breath is the best way to establish a rhythm for the hours that follow. Don’t think you have time to meditate? None of us do! We must make time to have time.  

2. Use the Eisenhower Matrix Productivity Method to prioritize your daily tasks.
Fill out your grid right after your meditation, or even better, the night before, so you already know what you’ll be working on that day. Click on this link to watch a short tutorial on how this fabulously effective tool works.

3. Make time for your meals!
Yes, of course, I will bring this (and every) topic back to nourishment. How you eat is reflective of how you do everything. If you’re not willing to slow down, sit down, breathe and enjoy your meals, then you’re not willing to do what it takes to transform your life. Start with bringing more attention and devotion to one meal per day.

More to come!
All is well. You are a spiritual being having a physical experience, so lighten up, because change is coming!

Stay tuned and stay calm,

Britta G.