Eat Here Now

Free yourself from the power food has over you, releasing stress and weight while you do it.

If you are…

  • always on the go
  • don’t know how to slow yourself down or stop making poor nutritional choices
  • feel that your overall health and weight goals are insurmountable
  • struggle with anxiety and stress in and out of the kitchen

… this program is designed for you!

Eat Here Now is a 3-month group program that combines group classes with private coaching to help you relieve stress, improve digestion and solve the mystery once and for all of how to eat in order to weigh what you want.

This program offers…

  • Nutritional education
    • even if you already know a lot about nutrition, you are likely still attached to (and eating daily) foods that make you tired, foggy and gain weight. Get crystal clear on what I call your food allies and food nemesis— because there is not one diet that works for everyone!
  • Mindfulness techniques
    • most people blaze through their meals without any clue about how to actually slow down, eat less and recognize what is happening for them emotionally as they put food in their mouth. Learn concrete practices you can use every day and start feeling better immediately.
  • Simple, daily practices to improve your relationship with food and your body
    • are you someone who says ‘I know what I should be eating, I just don’t do it’? If you aren’t putting your knowledge into practice, you need to take the next step and hold yourself accountable. When we apply our wisdom in a real, tangible way, we actually benefit from it!

Want to feel incredible in your body? There is no time like the present!

The Eat Here Now Group Program is currently closed. Sign up to be notified when the program re-opens.

What’s included

Here is what you can expect by enrolling in the EHN Group Program…

3 x 90-minute group class calls per month (9 total)
• Each class will be an opportunity to learn new concepts, practice new techniques & participate in group exercises. One of these monthly classes will be a Q&A coaching call, where participants will have the chance to ask me anything. ALL classes will be recorded, for you to save and listen to as many times as you like!

1 x private 30-minute coaching call per month (3 total)
• Where you and I dive deep into your unique goals, challenges and roadblocks. I’ll help you keep your eyes on your vision and make your plan for the future foolproof.

Resources, handouts, recipes, practices, inspiration, accountability and coaching with Britta GreenViolet.
• You’ll receive an abundance of physical and virtual resources, plus you’ll build an arsenal of tools and practices to keep yourself accountable to actually meeting your goals and steadily moving toward.

A signed copy of ‘Eat Here Now: A bite-sized guide to ritualize your life, nourish your body and feed your spirit.’
• ‘Eat Here Now’ will act as our official guidebook to this course, and it will continue to inspire your kitchen-ritual and self-care practice for decades to come.

Access to a private group Facebook page for discussions, Q&A, partnering exercises and additional accountability.
• We are stronger together! The group Facebook page is an incredible resource for sharing successes, reaching out for help, requesting additional support or perspective and allowing the entire group to hold space and support you in your transformation.

Meet Britta, your mindful eating tour guide!

Hello there! I’m Britta GreenViolet, and I help people who practice yoga, meditation and mindfulness to reduce anxiety, manage weight effortlessly regain energy— without drugs, diets or stimulants.

I do what I do because I used to be clueless around my weight– despite the fact that I exercised constantly and ate “healthy” foods!

I find that most people try diet after diet, focusing solely on what they eat and never pausing to examine how they eat…

And because typical diets are aimed at quick results and not sustainable, long-term lifestyle changes, these folks never actually learn how food affects them and which ones to eat in order to lose weight and gain energy.

I also believe that most people focus on looking good naked rather than feeling good naked! In other words, our mindset around our body is EVERYTHING! No amount of dieting or exercising will get us feeling awesome in our body if we don’t change the broken record of thoughts and beliefs running on repeat in our head.

What if…

  • You knew, without a shadow of a doubt, which foods would cause you to gain or lose weight?
  • You had a toolbox full of practices, exercises, techniques and strategies you could use daily to overcome your old patterns of overeating, making poor choices and feeling helpless around food?
  • You actually had a support system over the most intense months of the year that would inspire, encourage and enable you to deeply nourish yourself on every level?
  • You could actually lose weight before the new year?!?

Friends, all of this is possible!

I would be honored to guide you through this tricky time of year.
You deserve to feel amazing in your body… What are you waiting for?
There is no time like the present!

Praise for the ‘Eat Here Now’ program

Don’t take my word for it!
Here are some sentiments from my past students…

“I was lethargic, with habitual bad eating habits. I was overeating and overweight, with low energy and low confidence in changing habits. The classes were very helpful in recommitting to mindful eating habits. I have an amazing optimistic cheerful energy about me now. I lost weight and I’m down 15 pounds to my optimal weight of 148 pounds.”
— Rohit, Santa Barbara

“Before the EHN program, I started getting some severe responses from my body from food sensitivities and needed support to make changes. I received a lot of guidance from the journaling exercises we did around positive reinforcement. I lost over 10 pounds! I also gained recognition from my community and have inspired others to shift their lifestyle, through my own example, which is sweet medicine for my heart. I also feel the support I need to keep my healthy habits going. Positive food for thought!”
— Tiffany, Ojai

“Before the program, I felt like I couldn’t find answers to my relationship with food. I felt pretty hopeless and unsupported. Now I understand that it’s beyond food— it’s about ourselves, our fears and habits. I love feeling my body the way it’s supposed to be! I will take these teachings with me for the rest of my life.”
— Kate, Santa Barbara

“I was not sure what foods were causing stomach upset, bloating, headaches, fatigue. Through the program, I found some of the foods that adversely affect me, ie. gluten, sugar, coffee & cocoa. I’m renewing my love and motivation for exercise and started meditating regularly. I became more aware of how what I eat affects me. I feel calmer and more peaceful because I start the day with quiet, slowing down and going inward… I can better deal with stress and difficult situations during my day.”
— Heidi, Santa Barbara

“I have autoimmune disease and suffer from acid reflux, feeling tired, lack of sleep and joint pain. As a result of the program, I have been off caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and dairy for over 65 days. Britta’s book and her knowledge were simple to follow. She helped me break old habits and start new ones. Her knowledge and use of essential oils were life-changing. “

— Sherry, Santa Barbara

“I was frustrated by food on a daily basis. I felt out of alignment because I would continually make bad choices about food, and to some degree, life in general. Having Britta’s encouragement & guidance relieved so much overwhelm and doubt. I used to feel upset about food every day. It zapped my energy to be in such emotional turmoil so often. Now I feel like I’m in charge of my food and my life. Food is now an ally instead of an enemy. I never thought I would be able to reach this point. This program was exactly what I needed!”
— Erik, Santa Barbara

The Eat Here Now Group Program is currently closed. Sign up to be notified when the program re-opens.

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