Okay, so I could go on ALL DAY about the glory of essential oils as safe, natural, accessible, affordable healthcare that WORKS.
But to save you time, here are just a few FAQs.

WHAT are essential oils?
  • Produced by plants to protect from bacteria and fungus, insect attack, and decay.
  • Extracted from various parts of natural plant material (flowers, leaves, seeds, bark, wood, etc…) by steam distillation or cold pressing.
  • When you smell a rose blossom or lemon rind or eucalyptus leaf, you are smelling pure essential oil!
WHY use essential oils?
  • EOs are also 50-70x more powerful than herbs! That’s an extremely potent dose of healing plant power!
  • Our olfactory senses play a BIG role to soothe or uplift our emotional state in terms of aromatherapy, via our limbic and nervous systems.
  • EOs can also be used for hands-on health care, due to the fact that they are convenient, fast acting, multi-purpose, and cost effective!
WHICH essential oils to choose?
  • As with anything else, we get what we pay for. You can purchase EOs at Walmart or Whole Foods, and everywhere in between.
  • EOs are unregulated by the FDA, which means that anyone can sell an oil and market it as “100% pure essential oil” when in fact it can (and most often does) contain synthetic ingredients, fillers, carrier oils, pollutants. Translation: they are TOXIC!
  • I STRONGLY recommend only using oils which meet the following standards:
    — Sourced from expert growers committed to meeting the highest quality standards.
    — 100% pure and contain zero fillers, pesticides, chemicals or artificial ingredients. In short, MORE than organic.
    — Tested for purity and composition after distillation and upon arrival for production.
    — Certified to have the correct & optimal chemical composition to achieve desired results.
HOW to use certified pure therapeutic grade oils?
  • Aromatically (ideal for emotional, respiratory or immune support)
    — Inhale from an open bottle
    — Rub a drop between the palms and deeply inhale
    — Use a diffuser to emit oil particles into your environment
  • Topically (ideal for areas of discomfort or irritation, or for immune boost)
    — Apply 1-4 drops to affected area or to the bottoms of feet
    — NOTE: some EOs must be diluted (ie. Oregano, Cinnamon…) while others may be sensitive to some skin types.
    — It is important to be informed on how to use each oil before applying neat topically!
  • Internally (ideal for digestive upset or support of the immune system. ONLY certified pure therapeutic grade oils.)
    — Ingest 1 or more drops in a capsule
    — Under the tongue
    — In drinking water
    — Add to recipes.
HOW can I learn more & get my hands on high quality EOs?
  • Schedule a complimentary one-on-one wellness consultation with me!
  • Attend a future class or workshop
  • Send me an email! britta@greenandviolet.com
  • Check out my Events Calendar to see local gatherings, classes & events in the LA area.
  • Want to host me at your place for a class? Just ask! I’m happy to come and teach your circle about natural solutions with EOs.

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