From Ambition to Intuition

Blessed day dear one!

I took an online workshop a while back from
Marianne Williamson (one of my she-ros), and in the very first lesson she spoke about ambition

What she said made my jaw DROP…

Does an embryo have to be ambitious to become a baby?
Does an acorn have to become ambitious to become an oak tree?
Does a bud have to be ambitious to become a flower?

No, there is a natural programming, which is built into the universe. The embryo is programmed to become a baby, the bud is programmed to become the blossom, the acorn is programmed to become an oak tree. You are programmed. You are already programmed to be the highest level of manifestation that reflects the ultimate, highest, creative possibility for you in this lifetime, which, by the way, is infinite. 

“Ambition means you doubt that. So to be ambitious is actually to doubt God.
To be ambitious is saying, “
I need to walk ahead of God here, I need to make something happen.”
The spiritual life is not where you are making something happen, the spiritual life is where you’re allowing everything to happen.



I don’t know about you, but when I read that, an entire construct of conditioned stress and striving that lived in my every cell seemed to relax and release. 

How often do you hear ambition sang from the rooftops as a necessary, crucial, non-negotiable ingredient to success?

What I love so very much about this invitation is the 180 degree reframe that
to be ambitious is actually limiting our potential, because it assumes to know what we are capable of.

What a fantastically mind-boggling, stand-on-your-head, rethink-everything-you-thought-you-knew opportunity!

This consciousness upgrade is incredibly relevant to the last few Musings I’ve shared with you this month on following nature’s rhythm, practical spirituality and the humbling art of practice.

But where to now?

– How to unravel the “necessity” of ambition from your life’s plans?
– What does this even mean about making “plans”, anyway?
– If I give up ambition, won’t I fall flat on my face and watch all my projects grind to a halt?

Great questions!

First step is simply to swim in the questions for a while without needing to hide within the safety of the answers.

Second step is to assess where you feel particularly ambitious, then ponder what it might look like to loosen your grip a bit… To release control and allow life’s current to push you here or there, rather than constantly running a motor. 

Third step is to remember (and keep reminding yourself) that to release ambition doesn’t mean you will fail. It simply means you’re glimpsing a chance to re-examine and re-define what success is, and how it’s achieved. 

I for one am very excited about this new upgrade to my brain and my consciousness!

It’s becoming a daily practice for me to feel into my ambition, and then consciously relax my shoulders, stand tall, open my heart, and ask for guidance.

Because in the end, it feels
way better to soften and allow the current to move me, rather than fight my way to an end result.

And yes, this is a wonderful idea to contemplate as we see 2020 come to a close:

Instead of “What do I want?”

What if the question was, “What is being asked of me?”

Hit reply!

I’d love to hear about your current relationship to ambition, and what all these musings bring up for you.

Sending you love, blessings and a sweet new year transition.

In support of your most fluid life experience,

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