From Despair to Delight

It’s story time!

Recently during one of my weekday work periods, I tumbled unexpectedly into a pit of despair.

Slowly but surely, I went from feeling focused and energized to feeling hopeless and depressed.

(does that ever happen to you, Friend?)

I could dive into the nitty gritty of what caused this energetic stumble, but that’s actually besides the point. This sort of thing happens.

Maybe a lack of sleep catches up with you, or you get an upsetting email or text message, or you see a disturbing post on social media. Any of these things can throw off our sense of equilibrium, causing us to careen out of control before we even know what’s happening.

What’s important to note is that I suddenly became aware of my quickly waning mood, and in that moment I made a decision to 
do something to shift my energy.

I got up, closed my laptop, took off my blue-blocker glasses and left my office, heading for the kitchen. There, I proceeded to eat some chocolate, followed by some coffee ice cream (yep, I did) while sitting on a step outside in the winter sunlight.

Taking deep breaths of the cool February air, I resolved to get my juju back, or simply resort to a nap (because really, sleeping is preferable to me than attempting to spend waking hours in that state).

From there I did a short but rigorous bout of cleaning in my kitchen, put on my essential oil diffuser with Lemon and a doTERRA blend called “Elevation”, and drank a quart-sized glass of water.

After doing all of that, I actually felt ready to sit down in front of my computer again. I thought maybe I would shift my focus to something else and brought my laptop into the kitchen for a change of scenery.

And miraculously, I ended up diving back into working on my business for several more hours of my afternoon.
It ended up being delightful, pleasurable, productive and fruitful!

The moral of the story?

This is a true testament to the fact we 
can shift our energy anytime, with a bit of intention and awakened action. 

And: it’s also important to normalize that we sometimes experience unexpected waves of grief. 

When I look back at the moment where things began to turn around, it was the moment when I simply acknowledged that I was suffering, and then surrendered to it. Rather than fight it or push myself to keep working through the feelings, I let the feelings win.

And voila! In that allowance and relaxation, a path of resolution became clear.

Let’s not make ourselves wrong or bad in these moments of needing to hit the reset button. 

Rather, let’s tune into our body, mind and heart’s needs in any given moment.

Let’s honor ourselves with awakened action and move forward in the best way we know how.

May you feel lifted and awakened this week, my friend!

And may you remember that you’ve got an amazing toolbox of nourishing tips + practices for moments when you’re in need.
(the hardest part is actually remembering to reach for them when we’re down!)


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Loving you (in your despair and your delight),

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