Green Dream Sugar Free Smoothie

Most smoothies you find, even though they may not contain refined sugar, will still cause a blood sugar spike. That’s because they are usually loaded with high-glycemic fruits, and bc they are digested so quickly it can lead to a serious energy dive 1-2 hours after consuming. 

Next time you’re craving a smoothie, try this instead!

– 1 small Persian cucumber (washed, preferably organic, peel on)
– 1 big handful of kale
– ½ cup of frozen or fresh organic spinach
– 1 T fresh lemon or lime juice (or both!)
– ½ can of coconut milk or cream (full-fat, organic)
– handful frozen coconut chunks or a spoonful of coconut mana/butter
– ½ an avocado
– optional additions: 1 T “Vitamineral Greens” powder, ½ t Macha powder, 1 t Maca powder

Blend all ingredients and be sure to pour into a clear mason jar or glass so you can admire the gorgeous color as you sip!