Healthy Productivity Feb 2020 | Part 2

Howdy, friends!

Our journey into Healthy Productivity continues today!

{If you missed Part 1 on Befriending Time, be sure to check it out here}

Today, our exploration heads straight into the world of


I recently made a post on my Instagram page (see it here) in regards to the fact I no longer use monthly calendars.

The reason why?

Looking at only one month at a time is too small of a frame for the picture of my life these days.

If I only look at a month at a time, I’m not grasping the bigger picture and the long-term flow of my personal and work lives (not that they can be separated, really…)

That being said I have two different calendars that I utilize in terms of putting pen on paper.

On our fridge:

  • is this beautifully designed vertical calendar 
  • i get this cal printed on a 16×20 piece of paper at a local print shop
  • i love this calendar because it’s minimal & pretty to look at
  • a mechanical pencil is always clipped on top
  • i use pencil so that we can try things out and erase when plans change
  • i realize 16 x 20 is not very big for an entire year on a piece of paper…
    • keep in mind this calendar is not meant for detailed descriptions of daily happenings.
  • things I put on this calendar are:
    • new + full moons
    • travel, meetings or workshops or events we’re facilitating or attending
    • very notable birthdays, and important (to us) holidays.

Every December, I spend around $8 on Etsy to order the file, download it, then print it locally in the size and color paper I want (16 x 20, White).

Then, by my desk:

  • I’ve got a large dry erase annual calendar like this one
  • this is more focused toward my business (all 3 divisions of it!)
  • it is not necessarily beautiful to look at, but it’s handy for easily marking off travel, events, meetings and retreats
  • I do all of that in pretty, color-coded dry erase pens (yay)
  • I love the color coding… it allows me to see (at a glance) where my choir events are, where my coaching events are, where my personal vacations are, and so on…

The first year I used one of these, I bought one off Amazon for that specific year.

I still remember at the end of December, how much I cringed as I crumpled it up and threw it in the garbage.

I swore I would never again order a huge laminated calendar that I could only use for 365 days.

I got online, did some research and found the amazing calendar referenced above,

which is the same style except that the actual dates are blank.

When you are ready to start calendaring out the year, take a fine tip dry erase marker and you fill in the dates for each month of the year.

Is this a little more work? Yes

Is it way more satisfying for my soul? Yes

Is it way more friendly for the planet? Yes!

I highly recommend these two options if you’d like to go annual moving forward.

You won’t believe how much more clarity you’ll get around the flow of your life and your general availability when you can see it from a Hawk’s eye view.

Lastly, I do also recommend using a digital calendar that syncs across all your devices.

  • Either iCal or Google cal, you probably don’t need them both, but maybe you do 😉
  • This way, when you’re out and someone asks you about setting a date, you can grab your device without waiting to get home to your paper calendars.
  • Just remember to update your paper versions once you add something!

Okay! That was maybe more than you wanted to know about calendars.

If you are still 100% sold on a monthly wall calendar, by all means be my guest.

(If you’re going to go this route, please get one with art or photographs that light you up!)

I believe in bio-individuality, which means one approach will never work for everyone…

that goes for nutrition, exercise, self-care, and productivity methodologies!

Do you, my friend!

Do you have another calendaring system you LOVE that I didn’t mention here?
Hit reply and let a sister know!

(Hint: if you’re about to start talking about planners, hold up!  I got what you need here in Part 3)

In service of your healthy, happy productivity,




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