Healthy Productivity Feb 2020 | Part 3

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Part 3 of our Healthy Productivity series drops today…

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Planners & Journals

I love a planner.

But I don’t believe they should be frou-frou…

because then that’s just another thing you have to do.

Depending on who you are and what you’re going for, I’ve got several to recommend:

First: The SELF journal
Made by the Best Self Co, these 90-day planners are designed for someone who wants to make and complete three specific goals over a 90-day period.

  • The self journal acts as an accountability partner
  • monthly, weekly, and daily sections for keeping track of the details that fall underneath each of your three goals
  • it forces you to write (and rewrite) the same three goals every day, which is extremely helpful to keep your eyes on the prize and avoid “shiny object syndrome”
  • I have used it for a year straight and I love it.
  • It is beautiful, with pleasing color options and a lovely texture on the cover.
  • it is totally nondescript (so people won’t know what a planner geek you are)
  • Hint: if you love it after trying it once, order a pack of 4 to get you through an entire year, and save a few bucks.

Second: The Desire Map Planner 
Created by goddess Danielle LaPorte, this is a more soul-focused approach to planning.

  • In essence, this is also a goal-oriented planner, with the difference being that the goals are how you want to feel, rather than tasks or projects you want to complete.
  • I love Danielle’s approach to goal-setting, and recommend picking up one of her planners if you’re less interested in specific to-dos, and more interested in feeling more energetically aligned.
  • For instance, if you’ve been feeling lack-luster, depressed, or not yourself lately, this would be a good way to go, as you’ll begin with making a decision on how you want to feel this year.
  • From there, you’ll plan accordingly.

{Hint: if this perks your interest and you haven’t yet read “The Desire Map”, grab a copy on her website, at your local bookstore, or from your local library and get to reading. You’ll love it!}

Third: The Morning Pages
This is not a planner, or even a specific journal, but rather an approach to journaling that I absolutely freaking love.

  • The Morning Pages are a part of the curriculum for “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron (also highly recommended!)
  • TMP entails three free-form pages each morning, preferably written by hand, in a paper journal of your choosing
  • they are intended to be done first thing in the morning (after you brush your teeth maybe, and either before or after a meditation)
  • the brilliance of TMP is that its not about planning, or editing, or judging or second guessing what you write
  • this is meant to be stream-of-consciousness writing that helps you to purge the contents of your brain every morning…
  • which in turn helps you to feel less stressed, have more clarity and increased focus

If you’ve not played with TMP before, give it a try!

Reading “The Artist’s Way” actually changed my life, and I consider ‘the Morning Pages’ one of the most valuable tools in my holistic wellness toolbox.

Another Journaling Method 
I’ve heard is wonderful:

  • Bullet Journaling

And my favorite blank, unlined journals
for all kinds of doodling, journaling, note-taking, course work, mind-maps, morning pages and more, are:

  • Fabriano Journals
  • Flexi Sketch Journals
  • Shinola Journals

Friends, that’s what I have for you for Part 3!

Hit reply and let me know your thoughts!
– What did I miss?
– What other questions do you have on the topic of Journals and Planners?
– Did any of those recommendations hit home for you?

Can’t wait to hear your feedback on this series!

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