Healthy Productivity Feb 2020 | Part 4

Beautiful Souls, welcome back!

If you’ve somehow missed it, we are knee-deep (at least!) in a 5-part series on how to thrive in your productivity habits.

As a recap…

– Part 1 was on Befriending Time (read it here)
– Part 2 was on Calendars (read it here)
– Part 3 was on Planners & Journals (read it here)

And today, wade even deeper into the strangely terrifying and often foreboding waters of

Apps, Technology & Devices

{OH MY!}

I am an advocate of using technology in our favor, rather than working against us as another thing to distract.

If you’re going to use technology and apps for the organization of your Self…

(which I highly recommend)

Try things out!

And swiftly delete or move on from the things that don’t work for you.

In this age of technology, we will never get to every recommended app or gadget out there…

But I kid you not:

these creations of the electronic age can seriously uplevel your life, help you to focus and keep you on task (if you use them with utter intention, that is).

Here’s some tech & app approaches that I use constantly: 

1) Siri
Mostly I use the Siri voice command on my iPhone to set reminders and set alarms.

This way I don’t stop what I’m doing in the middle of a task (AKA abandon it!) only to begin something completely different. Very distracting.

Instead, imagine this…

  • You’re driving down the road or typing an email on your computer and you remember that you need to make a phone call to your bookkeeper or babysitter
  • Simply grab your phone ask Siri to “remind me to call bookkeeper at 4 p.m. tomorrow”
  • You can also say “set an alarm for 8:30 p.m. and label it pack my lunch for tomorrow”…
  • Or you can say “add a 9 a.m. phone call with mom to my calendar on Friday”…
  • Voila! you will get a reminder to follow-up on the task at hand, at a time when you’ll be able to devote the necessary time to it
  • Important: Remember to go into your alarms, reminder and calendar preferences to adjust alert sounds and settings, so your reminder doesn’t go unnoticed (or use a horrific tone that you despise!)

2) Reminders app for iPhone
Mentioned above, the Reminders app on any iphone is actually great for repeated lists you need to make, plus a running (random) task list you can attend to as needed.

  • I don’t use this for general to-do lists, but rather for repeated lists that I need again and again
  • Examples include
    • grocery lists
    • packing lists
    • weekly repeating reminders
    • etc…

I love that if you also use an Apple computer and/or an iPad, your Reminders will sync across all your devices, so you can access them no matter what gadget you’re on.

And of course, you can use Siri to access them and add things to them on a whim, so you never forget that random, important thing that pops into your head as you’re walking into the office or the grocery store.

3) Evernote
My friend and business mentor Monica Shah likes to say Evernote is her “brain on crack.” In essence, it is a word-processing system that allows massive organization built into the interface.

I love Evernote because

  • it’s free
  • it syncs across all your devices
  • it can be used via the website (so even if you don’t have your devices, you could access it from any web browser anywhere)
  • or it comes as an app for phone, computer or tablet
  • you can type up notes, attach links, even drag-and-drop PDFs or photos
  • it’s highly intuitive, easy-to-use, and has a pleasing interface aesthetic
  • think of it essentially as a digital filing cabinet AND a digital Notepad in one.
  • did i mention its FREE?
  • 🙂

(Note: I used to use the Notes feature on my iPhone, and I still sometimes do, but I prefer Evernote for all the reasons listed above.)

4) A few other techy-things worth mentioning
These may be obvious, but I think they have increased my quality of life, and so I want to make sure you know about them…

  • Spotify
    • music streaming service.
    • you can listen to anything you want, anytime you want, make playlists, access other people’s playlists, and see what your friends are listening to
    • they have lots of auto-playlist generators including a ‘Discover Weekly’ that is tailored to whatever you’ve been listening to, that helps you discover new stuff you might like.
    • Its been a game-changer for me.
    • I prefer it over Pandora
  • Meditative Mind station
    • available on YouTube or Spotify
    • MM is an amazing resource for free music that helps you to focus!
    • great for meditating, working, writing or ambient background soundscapes
  • Insight Timer
    • my favorite free meditation app
    • you can simply use the timer, and it will keep track of your consistency so you can see how many consecutive days you’ve practiced
    • also an incredible library of guided meditations and dharma talks
    • my Morning Water Meditation is on there! check me out 😉

Alllllll right!

There are some simple but super effective ways to make your devices work for you.

That is probably plenty to make your brain want to explode…

But wait!

Remember that all of this systematization is meant to lessen the overwhelm.

Overwhelm is simply a LACK OF CLARITY.

Overwhelm is nothing but a fear of your to-do list.

The only solution is to see what is on the list, make a plan, and then take action (one at a time, I might add).

Once you know what is going on and what the very next task to handle is, the overwhelm fades and you can move forward.

We’ve got one more leg of this beast to examine before we end this examination, folks…

So stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of Healthy Productivity,

in which we’ll take a good, hard look at


(aka, when to do what, in order to get the best results)

Here is to the nourishment & organization of your radiant Self this new year!

In service of your healthy, happy productivity,




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