Healthy Productivity Feb 2020 | Part 5

Radiant Ones, welcome back!

If you’ve somehow missed it, we are in the thick of a 5-part series on how to thrive in your productivity habits.

As a recap…

– Part 1 was on Befriending Time (read it here)
– Part 2 was on Calendars (read it here)
– Part 3 was on Planners & Journals (read it here)
– Part 4 was on Tech, Apps & Devices (read it here)

And today, we emerge with our final exploration into the critical conversation around

Optimal Energy Alignment

In other words…

to do
in order to get
the BEST results.

To start us off…

Most people work twice as hard as they need to, and get half as much done.


Can you relate to this irritatingly resonant statement?

Fear not, my friend.
Breathe, and keep reading.

Here’s how you know you are working harder than you need to, while simultaneously getting not as much done as you could…

—most evenings you wonder what you did all day (and feel frustrated you didn’t complete anything truly important)

— you often get distracted mid-project, then attempt to finish it later (when in reality you’re too tired to get much done)

— you tackle the easiest, most comfortable things on your list first, leaving the more crunchy, challenging bits for later in the day (which usually results in those tasks getting moved to the following day)

— you don’t give much thought to how you prioritize or organize your tasks throughout day (other than to have a long to-do list and stabbing at whatever feels doable until the day is done)

– more often than not, you allow yourself to procrastinate, avoid, make excuses and get easily distracted (shiny object syndrome, anyone?)

— it feels like a freakin miracle when you actually cross stuff off your list or see projects to completion (and that doesn’t happen as often as you’d like)

If you land (uncomfortably) in any of those truths, don’t beat yourself up.

More likely than not, your issue is NOT that you’re a lazy slacker.

My guess…

Your issue is actually that you have no clue how to wield your ideal energy in a way that best suits the task at hand.

Stay with me!

Several years ago, I read a book called “The Optimized Woman” by Miranda Gray that completely revolutionized my life.

(Ladies, I highly recommend!)
(Gentlemen, please buy a copy for your lady if she is still in her menstruating years.)

While the book is specifically targeted at a woman’s optimal abilities during the various phases of her moon cycles, the essence of the book applies to us all— man or woman, no matter our age.

We all have certain times of the day (and month, and year, and our lives) where we are better equipped to handle specific tasks at hand.

Put simply…
If you tackle a task during a time when you are best equipped to conquer it, you will feel a sense of flow, ease, joy, and a heightened ability to complete it in a concise manner.

If you do the opposite and take on a task when you are not ideally aligned to complete it, you will feel a sense of struggle, hardship, annoyance, and it will drag out, taking you a ridiculously long time to make even a little bit of progress.

Let me give you an example:

Say you are a student, a business owner or a writer, and you’ve got something to compose.

What is YOUR ideal time of day to sit down, concentrate with a clear head, eliminate distraction and let your creative juices flow?

*Now for a disclaimer and clarifier:

This answer will be different for everyone!

Some variables will include

  • are you an owl or a lark? (Do you operate best later in the day, or in the mornings?)
  • where do you live, work or study? (How do your surroundings and the people in them affect your ability to focus and write?)
  • what is your current schedule? (What’s realistic for you to actually schedule in any given week?)
  • When is your brain energy at its most optimal during the flow of a typical day?

Hopefully you’re beginning to pick up what I’m puttin down, y’all.

You can half-hazardly pick up your pen or computer “whenever you have some extra time” and take a stab at it…


You can intentionally schedule a precise chunk of time when you know your body, brain and environment will be best suited for the desired task.

The outcome of these two scenarios is the difference between feeling defeated and feeling victorious!

I highly recommend repeating this exploration for anything you’re wanting to do.

Whether its getting an article written, getting in a good workout, making love more often, doing your grocery shopping (when you’re not starving!) or catching up on bookkeeping…

I guarantee there is an optimal time to do it, and a NOT optimal time.

If you…

  • get clarity for yourself on what those windows of time are for YOU for each type of activity,
  • then actually follow through and take action during those times,

you’ll be amazed at how much you can get done in less time, and with more heart/soul/energy/brain power behind those tasks!

This hack is a major one. 

I hope you’ll try it and find it as revolutionary and life-changing as I have!

Okay my loves…

This concludes our Healthy Productivity series!

— What did you think?

— What was your biggest “aha” from the series?

— What further questions do you have around productivity, energy, prioritization and goal setting?

Hit reply and let me know!

And by the way…

All of these methodologies are artfully and deeply woven into my private coaching programs.

I take pride in crafting a heartfelt, practical approach to help my clients attain optimal energy so they can tackle and conquer their most meaningful projects, goals and dreams.

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Thanks for all your feedback and questions along this productivity journey!

Keep them coming.

I am here, all ears, and I always love to hear what is on your mind and in your heart.

In service of your radiant vitality and badass productivity,




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