Healthy Productivity Feb 2020 | Part 1

Good day radiant hearts!

In response to requests from clients, feedback on recent posts I’ve made, along with a general observation that the beginning of the year seems to be a really good time to organize ourselves…
I’ve compiled this collection of tools and practices for you, my dearest community, to organize your sublime Self, so that you can move into this year cool as a cucumber 🙂

I hope you find it illuminating and extremely helpful for the year ahead.
To get started, let’s talk about something I’ve mentioned before, but that never gets old:

The correct way to perceive time.
When we are dabbling in the business of organizing, be it in your home, office, thoughts, or project list…
it is important to recognize right off the bat a big error that a lot of us make.
We are under the impression that we can somehow organize time.
What a silly thing to say!

Time is an entity that we create and participate in simply from being alive–  and yet, we strive to bend time, chop it up, or rearrange it to our liking (it doesn’t seem to be working too well for us, I dare say.)

So let’s be clear.

Can we organize time? No.

Can we organize ourselves, our thoughts, and our tasks? Yes!

This series of holistic, healthy productivity hacks comes to you in direct response to questions I’ve fielded from many clients on how to stay focused, get more done in a day (or an hour!), and prioritize what’s most important without getting overwhelmed.

But I really want y’all to get this:

Before we launch into the tools, tips and tricks themselves, its crucial we start with mindset.

If you are demonizing time and and claiming yourself the “victim” of NOT ENOUGH TIME, these hacks will be worthless.

So start with noticing your relationship with time.

  • Befriend it!
  • Take full responsibility for your use (or misuse) of it.
  • Recognize that you have NO control over time itself…
  • You only have control over how you conduct and propel yourself within its confines.

If you begin to perceive time as a ALLY rather than an enemy…

You place yourself in the most ideal place to create a new system of task management and productivity that will make your old, outdated, defunct system obsolete.

(Thanks Buckminster Fuller for this most perfect explanation of ’change’)

Okay. Glad we had that talk 🙂

What’s coming in the next 4 parts of this Healthy Productivity Series:

Are you excited???🙋

If the answer is yes, continue on to Part 2!

Delighting in our collective healthy productivity evolution,




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