{Ladies!} AMAZING Book Recommendation 💕

I’m writing today with a special book recommendation for my ladies out there!

It’s called Diana, Herself (An Allegory of Awakening)

My friend Danielle sent me this book near my birthday and this week, while I was not feeling that well this week, I dug in and ripped through the entire book in 36 hours!

What a luxury, to allow ourselves to become lost in a good fiction book…

I was struck by so many parts of this book, but want to share one excerpt that, as someone who geeks out on nourishment and nutrition, particularly tickled my fancy…

Btw: I won’t spoilt the surprise by telling you who Diana is sharing dialogue with in this passage 😉

“Now, she says, “the proper process for finding nourishment— and I’m not just talking about food here— is not to bother looking around until you first looked within.”

“Within,” Diana repeats.

“To the hunger you feel there…. Ah, Hunger. Such a useful and loving teacher. But you tame humans have all but robbed it of its purpose– and in the process, your own. Most of you have no idea what you want, whatever the circumstance.”

“Hunger is a teacher?” says Diana.

“Oh yes, dear. One of the most constant and truthful teachers you’ll ever have… Now that you’re focused, look around. Not just with your eyes, not with your mind. With all your senses. With your whole body. With your gut. What is your hunger saying? What do you want?

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So, beloved, what do you want?

What are your senses hungry for?

What nourishment does your heart and body crave?

Whether you crave healthier, fresher foods, more hydration, more loving touch or more balance in your life…

Consider heeding the brilliant advice given above.

Tune into your body, into all your senses… Can you listen more deeply?

Perhaps what your body is craving is already reaching for you…

If I can support you at all with nourishing yourself deeply as we move into autumn, beloved  (and I’m not just talking about food here), please hit reply and let me know what you are craving!

Beloved, take good care of your Self, your Body, and your beautiful Heart.

I am here should you want a cheerleader 😉

To your wild, nourished soul,