Mentorship with Britta

Hello beloved!

I’m so glad you’re here.

A heads up:

🦋 I’m in metamorphosis with Life + my Work! 🦋

Which means that this website will soon be replaced with a bright and shiny new virtual home for me and you to connect (stay tuned!)

In the meanwhile, you’ll find a few simple resources here for how to connect with me if you’re interested in working together in one form or another…

Private Mentorships

I currently offer an 11-Month Emerald Mentorship Experience for my clients who are ready to have the fullest level of support I offer. The emerald is the most exquisite stone of the heart chakra, and this mentorship is a wholehearted investment to your commitment to living from your heart and taking the next steps toward your greatest potential. 

In our work together, we’ll tackle the big questions— how to communicate courageously in your relationships? How to align your work and creative expressions with your deepest mission and longing? How to feel deliciously embodied and truly willing to experience all the lessons and wisdom your body (and this lifetime) is offering you? How to live with more authenticity, integrity and accountability? 

You’ve got me in your corner for a full 11 months, cheerleading and rallying for your next Self (with a capital ‘S’) to emerge. This experience includes weekend-long in-person immersions, 3-hour virtual deep dive sessions, bi-monthly coaching calls, and access to all my courses, programs and exquisite library of resources.

My private programs are for those who desire…

  • concentrated time and personal attention from me, one on one with plenty of time to explore and become educated around the areas you’re wanting to grow (with several juicy opportunities for deep dives, both virtually and in person)
  • a roadmap curated precisely to your unique needs where we tailor your program based on your unique goals, drawing from a variety of modalities (and jailbreaking you out of the old boxes that feel oppressive to your vision)
  • a private, safe, artfully held space to help you relax back into your willingness and ability to penetrate the places that have tripped you up before (you know, the places where you need healing, training and someone to pull you out of the quicksand.)

Want to talk about my program + see if we’re a good fit?
Learn more by scheduling a convo with me:

> > Book a complimentary Discover your Truth Session with me here < < 

(There’s no strings attached to this session, and you’ll walk away with newfound clarity around the next steps to get where you want to go.)


Group Coaching

My 4-Month ‘Awaken’ + ‘Unbound’ Group Programs are my group mentorship experiences which I’ve crafted especially to weave the seasons of your life with the seasons of mother nature. 

If we think of our lives as ecosystems (rather than egosystems!) and use the natural flow of the 4 seasons, we can harness the power and potency of our home planet to guide, inspire and mentor us in the ways of creation, maintenance, destruction, and rebirth.

This creates more ease, flow, spaciousness, grace and levity!

(Not to mention taking a stand against an oppressive hetero-white-patriarchy-capitalist mindset, from which our culture norm of disembodied striving + ambition was born. I’m here for it.)

I regard these two programs as sisters; they’re related, but completely different experiences! Read on to see which one resonates for you at this phase of your life. 

A W A K E N 

Awaken your expression, your energy, and your inner activist to bloom your next big vision.

The in-breath.
Experienced in the freshness of spring into summer

Focused on the new seeds you’re planting in your life, we’ll make a sustainable, real-life roadmap for implementation. Nourish and tend your seedlings until they bloom into the visions you long to make real.

We’ll work with the archetypal energy of The Sacred Seed (the tool) and The Creator (the self) as our compass. Awaken is designed for you if you’re ready to begin a big creative project, or make a big change in your life (moving, changing jobs, stepping into a new era of yourself or relationship.)


Get free of what’s been holding you back.

The out-breath.
Experienced in the denouement of autumn into winter.

Focused on dismantling, detangling and untying you from the old patterns, stories, behaviors and choices where you’ve been stuck. Break out of your old boxes, reassess, and replenish your inner and outer resources in preparation to begin anew. 

We’ll work with the archetypal energy of The Sacred Sword (the tool) and The Destroyer (the self) as our compass. Unbound is designed for you if you’re ready to put your foot down, take a stand, cut ties, and define new healthier boundaries for how you want to live. 

Both these programs are virtual, group experiences which include:

  • 2 x group calls per month
  • 4 x 1-1 private coaching calls (including one 3-hour deep dive)
  • a community to uplift, inspire and support your journey
  • a gift-basket of tools hand-selected for you and mailed to your home

Awaken will run April — July 2021
Unbound will run October 2021 – January 2022

Enrollment for both programs is open!

To discuss either program + see if we’re a good fit:
Schedule a free Discover Your Truth Session with me.


Other Offerings

I’m a community choir leader (when we’re not in a global pandemic) and c0-creator of the inCourage Chorus. We’re not currently running, stay tuned.

Listen to a collection of my original songs and covers on my SoundCloud.

Join my active and intriguing flow of offerings on Instagram!

And if you’re still unsure of what you might want from me, but you feel the nudge of intuition to reach, please do!

I’m here and would love to connect with you.

Grab a free Discover Your Truth Session with me here to chat about how I can help you awaken your potential!