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“S H I N E  Theory”

Welcome to my M U S E S page, where I sing the praises of my own teachers, mentors, coaches and way-showers who helped me become the person I am (and encourage me to keep stretching and becoming more of myself each day!)

Below you’ll find snippets, links and info on some of the most treasured teachers in my life.

I believe that true leadership requires transparency, vulnerability, courage and shining light upon those around us upon who’s shoulders we’ve climbed to get where we are.

Endless, boundless gratitude to each and every being who’s been a signpost for my journey… and please know this is in no way intended to be a complete list! (For that would be an impossible task.)

With that, let the “shine theory”   commence!
(thanks to the incredible Kelly Diels for that phrase)


 Carmen Baraka, Spirit Warrior

Woven of Apache, Cherokee, Colombian-Peruvian ancestry, Carmen has spirit men and women on all sides of her lineage. From the first day I met her, she has been an advocate for women and girls, and for the plight of the Indigenous people of North America. She is truly a badass, speaking at gatherings, conferences, even traveling to the United Nations on several occasions to speak, and doing a full blown sage ceremony on the street outside afterwards, in which she used her sacred ceremonial feather fan and sage smoke to bless each nation’s flag standing outside the UN.

Carmen led by example and showed me how to create sacred space and how to hold ceremony and ritual. She taught me about calling upon my ancestors, calling upon the wise strength of the grandmothers, and living a life devoted to Spirit and activism… a road seldom seen today. She passed in 2021, and I give thanks for each day and each moment I got with her. Please check out the following videos here and here, or this podcast episode, to hear her speak about her life’s work as a true Light Worker on planet Earth. You can also read more about her in this article and see some more photos and read my own reflections on my IG page.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin! We are all related.


 Nisha Moodley, Integrative Leadership Mentor

Nisha is an Integrative Leadership coach and the founder of Global Sisterhood Day. Her work of the past 12 years has been geared toward supporting womxn to step into their devotion, meet the Soul of their work, and make a business that truly feels like a co-creation rather than a solo venture. She’s facilitated annual mastermind groups, led online courses, and hosted nearly 50 retreats.

She leads a 12-month group course + community called The Soul of Leadership which is packed with rich monthly content to instill and inspire the cultivation of your truest gifts. She also leads a 4-month mastermind called “Devoted” aimed to step into the gifts and medicine of your unique offering.

Nisha is also a mother and a fantastically real human being, who leads from a place of empathy, transparency and courage. I admire her deeply and am so grateful to have discovered her as a mentor.

Learn more about her work here and grab her awesome free meditation to “Meet Your Wise Future Self.”


Monica Shah, Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs

Monica was my first business coach who taught me the foundations of what it *actually means to be an entrepreneur, and what it takes to keep showing up for the work you love and the life you’re longing to create.

She’s a 1st generation Indian-American woman living in New York city, who offers an incredible yearlong group offering called Rise Business Academy. She also teaches an ongoing course called “The Flow Method” and holds monthly ‘get-it-done’ days for all students, which is an incredible 4-hour hyper-productive online co-working and encouragement space. Her annual 3-day intensive event is called “Master Your Money” (that’s what drew me in!) and will help you lay a new foundation for your relationship with work and prosperity.

Beyond having mad business skills, she also reads tarot, weaves Theta healing into her coaching and is highly intuitive. A medicine woman in a business suit!

Check her work out here, she is amazing.


Brené Brown

Ah! Brené! If you don’t already know and love this woman and her work, here’s my advice.

Get her books.All of them. In paper or on Audible.

Listen. Take notes.

In my opinion, Brené is a human who set out to become a researcher, and in the process became a beacon and spiritual leader for millions of other humans. Her realness, her grit, and her wholehearted passion for truth, vulnerability, transparency, courage and getting to the root of shame makes her an absolute she-ro in my book.

Check out her site here and definitely subscribe to her Unlocking Us and Dare to Lead podcasts.


More Muses coming soon! I’m just gettin’ warmed up 😉

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