My Current Favorite Meditation ☮️

First and foremost, I send my love and deepest empathy to all who are breathing heavy smoke and being forced to stay indoors right now…

Living in Santa Barbara for the last 5 years has given me a new appreciation and compassion for what it means to live in a constant fire zone.

It never gets easier, but hopefully we are able to use these moments to go within and listen deeply to our heart, and to our mother Earth.


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And given these are such trying times in many ways…

I want to share my current favorite meditation and dharma teacher with you!

His name is Mooji, and if you haven’t tuned into his teachings yet, I highly recommend you scope him out on YouTube or Insight Timer.

This 20-minute guided meditation in particular has brought me much solace and inner peace lately, especially at night while lying in bed…

when I can’t sleep due to an overly active brain…

(or the skunk who has been making a lot of racket digging in the dry leaves outside my yurt!)

What meditation tools, techniques or practices are you reaching for these days?

And if your practice has fallen off (or if you havn’t begun), now is a really wonderful time to start, beloved.

Remember to breathe, reach for your friends to check in, and take time out of your day to steady your heart and reground.

We can do this, my friend.

Reach out to me anytime, I’d love to hear how you’re doing!

Staying sane through it all,

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