My Guest Spot on The Stress Less Show Podcast!

Strange days, eh friends?

If you’ve been feeling stressed, tense, or just plain irritated with the state of the world…

take some time out of your hectic schedule to relax and listen to a new podcast interview I did!

I’m delighted to be a guest on The Stress Less Company’s series, The Stress Less Show with Carlee Myers.

Tune in to listen to Carlee and I discuss simple and gradual ways to become more spiritual…

…which will help you feel more connected to life itself, the planet, your body and the truth of your being!

(and believe it or not, all of those things are very practical avenues to stress reduction!)

To check out the podcast, CLICK HERE OR…

you can find the show episode on your favorite platform….

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The Stress Less Company Facebook Page 


I hope you enjoy the show (she’s got lots of amazing other episodes, btw)

Sending you blessings of peace, relaxation and restoration,





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If you feel aligned with my offerings,

if you find yourself wanting more practical avenues of spirituality,

if you’d like to feel more radiant, vital, and awake in your everyday life,

… and if you like some help with that….

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