Notice the Impulse

Would you describe yourself as impulsive?
How does that word land for you?

Initially, my own response would be no.
But upon a bit of study, I have formulated a hypothesis that most of us are incredibly impulsive.

Before we fall into reaction or defense over this claim, what if I offered you a gentle invitation?

N O T I C E 

Don’t do anything. 

Just pause. 


Perhaps it might be helpful to explore when impulses arise?

Here’s a few ideas to get your brain gears turning:

  • Grocery shopping, in your kitchen, in front of your fridge or cupboards
  • Asking favors of your partner, parents or coworkers 
  • Spending money
  • Sending emails or making phone calls while you’re triggered
  • Leaving a situation that makes you uncomfortable
  • Saying yes to something you’re hesitant about

We could go on, but for the sake of brevity, I’ll stop there and bring us back to the invitation.

The invitation is to notice. 

Notice the impulse

Have you ever sent an email or letter, or made a phone call that you later regretted?
Have you ever said something to another person that later brought you guilt or shame?
Have you ever bought something that you soon afterward realized was a waste of money?
Have you ever agreed to something, or passed on an opportunity, that you later beat yourself up over? 

Welcome to the land of impulse!

What might happen in your life if you began to insert small pauses right after feeling an impulse?

Three to five breaths. 
A few moments of simply acknowledging what is happening in your body and psyche. 
Ah,” you might say to yourself, “an impulse! There it is.” 

Celebrate this tiny but mighty win that you have caught yourself in the act.
Call it out for what it is.
Then wait.

And with this spaciousness, this subtle but potent moment of pausing…
Intuition has room to enter. 

And you, my friend, suddenly have time to ponder whether the nudge you just felt is an impulse, or your intuition.

My intuition has never led me in the wrong direction. 
I cannot say the same for my impulses!

How about you?

Hey, thanks for exploring this with me.
You know, writing from my heart and sending it out to a bunch of people is not always the easiest thing. 
It’s vulnerable and scary. 
But you can rest assured that I will only ever send you stuff that is actually, really, truly HELPFUL for me in my own life!

This particular “life hack” of noticing the impulse is my newest game I’m playing with myself, and I’m pretty sure its a game-changer.

Who’s with me?!?

Blessed be the pause,