On Authenticity

Last time, we dove into the word “courage” and why it is perhaps my favorite word ever. 
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Today, let’s talk about authenticity.

This was another “brand pillar” that came forth for me in regards to my business, AND this has also been a “core desired feeling” of mine for years. 

So what does it mean to be authentic, and why is that relevant to your well-being?

Authenticity means being real.
Really real. 

It takes courage to be authentic (how do you like that?) because authenticity is not squeezing ourself into a mold, succumbing to the expectations of others, or simply following the pack. 

Last time I mentioned how I’m currently in the midst of a Brené Brown obsession… 
A researcher, speaker and storyteller, she dives headfirst into topics of shame and vulnerability. Another topic she has widely explored is that of belonging. 

Here is the shimmering crystal that I’ve learned so far about belonging…

Belonging is the opposite of fitting in. 

Belonging is being able to be completely yourself and feel that you have a home in the world, whether with groups of people, in a physical place or within yourself.

So yes, it takes courage to be authentic, because by default there will always be forces pushing you to adapt, change, be silent and fit into a mold that has already created.

Authenticity also requires us to know ourselves, and to continually meet ourselves again and again as we transform throughout our life! This requires integrity, and also connection.

(Hint: I just dropped a future word we’ll explore further! Stay tuned). 

So where in our lives do we express authenticity?

  • Our style (clothing, colors, decor of our bodies and our spaces)
  • Our speech (the words we use, the way we talk, accents, vocal tone and range)
  • Our relationships (the people we surround ourselves with, who we are drawn to)
  • Our nourishment (foods we eat, liquids we drink, our self-care practices)
  • Our brain food (books, films, genres of story-telling we’re attracted by)

And what is at risk if we are not authentic to our true selves?

We get lost.
We become dependent on culture and community to tell us who we are, rather than listening deeply and claiming our true selves.

There is WAY too much comparing in today’s world.

Social media, advertising and mass media are constantly telling us how to look, how to talk, who to be, and certainly who not to be. Its high time to stop comparing ourselves to others and claim our authenticity!

Here are a few ways to uplevel both your authenticity & your well-being…

1. Where are you bored with life?
Perhaps when you look into your closet or your refrigerator, you feel ‘blah.’ Boredom is a splendid signal there is a lack of authenticity at play. Ask a friend to help you go through your closet or ask a health coach to help you jazz up the edibles your kitchen. There is inspiration everywhere. Trust your inner knowing to light up when something resonates with you!

2. Where are you just “fitting in” in your social circles?
Is there anywhere that feels stagnant or uninteresting, but you’re still going along with it because it’s easy? Remember, belonging is the opposite of fitting in.
Strive for the real. 

3. What things you are curious about?
What activities, skills, people or groups, areas of study, languages, geographic locations, cultures or expressions get you excited and intrigued? Get out a journal or a clean sheet of paper and make a list… The things we love and the things that spark curiosity are signposts pointing toward your authentic self. Go forth and explore!  

When you live from your most authentic self, nothing short of magic unfolds. 

And if you’re terrified, remember you’ve got an ally right here.

Authentically yours,