an 8-day stress cleanse to relax, refresh & realign your entire being


“Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant.”

— Maya Angelou


We all need to hit the reset button from time to time.

The daily ebb and flow of life is quite a rollercoaster, and can at times leave us wondering how we got so stressed/exhausted/anxious/lethargic/depressed/fill in the blank!

Regardless of where you are with your health…

the truth is we can all benefit from cleansing our mind, body and spirit from the buildup of toxic energy, thoughts and matter in our system.

That’s where Radiance Reset comes in!

This experience invites you into a solid, grounded, focused structure.

(If the word structure freaks you out a bit, take a deep breath. Trust me on this. Keep reading.)

Radiance Reset is an 8-day spiritual practice designed
to calm your nervous system, build confidence and create consistent habits of radiance in your life.

This 8-day program is a total reset for your nervous system. Designed to help you clear and cleanse stress from your aura, mind and heart, you’ll take an inward journey that will support you to re-emerge into your external world with renewed energy, optimism, balance and ease.

Your body, mind and spirit will thank you.

In this journey, you’ll build (or build upon) what I like to call your “wellness toolbox”.

This toolbox contains all the tools, practices, exercises, upgrades, and mindset reframes that help you live a vital, radiant, joyous life.

The tools within your toolbox will be curated by YOU, but at their essence they are holistic…

Meaning they will come in many shapes and forms and be applicable for any number of uses in your physical body, emotions, mindset, energy, and overall well being.

Why is building a wellness toolbox helpful?

Here’s a few practical applications that might sound familiar:

  • You’re stressed out, suffer from anxiety or experience fear frequently
  • You get really nervous when trying new things, meeting new people or stepping outside of your “shell”
  • You often start healthy practices but they quickly dissolve (to your dismay and growing resignation)
  • You don’t really trust yourself to follow through on daily practices you know are good for you
  • You use the word “should” a lot (a lot), and end up feeling guilty for everything you’re not doing
  • You’ve been creating, catching up, or super inspired lately, and as a result your self-care has pretty much dried up
  • The weight of the world has gotten you down, and you’ve turned to emotional eating, alcohol/other substances, or too much Netflix to self-soothe

Let me be clear– NO judgement for any of the above, my love.

Some of those I write from personal experience.
Others come directly from my clients.

Suffice to say, these are REAL-LIFE results from the daily waves of life
(which is sometimes peaceful, and sometimes really stormy…)

Those moments listed above happen to even those of us who practice yoga and meditation, who are on our life path, who (for the most part) are happy, joyous people.

It doesn’t mean we’re failing… it simply means we need a R E S E T!

My friends, there is no time like the present to shake off the dust of indifference, wash the layer of lethargy from our vision and make a powerful choice to wake up tomorrow and do something different!

If all this is resonating deeply in your heart, then I want to personally invite you to join me in a very doable, highly transformative detox for your body, mind and spirit.


an 8-day stress cleanse to relax, refresh & realign your entire being

Radiance Reset is a 8-day experience combining worksheets, pre-recorded trainings and a daily self-led practice, designed to support you…

  • Calm, relax and reset your nervous system (learning lifelong tools for stress & anxiety reduction and emotional resilience during times of tension)
  • Cultivate more confidence & consistency in your daily life (through creating healthy habits that deeply serve your body, mind and spirit to thrive)
  • Create a wellness toolbox to support you through whatever curveballs life throws your way (introducing you to an array of new practices you can lean on and utilize to step away from self-defeating patterns and activate your most radiant self)

In this 8-day practice
, you’ll be given tools, methods and guidance for living your most radiant life, plus a framework you can repeat again and again, tweaking it to serve your personal needs as you evolve, grow and enter new phases.

Some of the tools we’ll utilize include:

Breath / Mantra / Yoga / Meditation / Journaling / Reading

Radiance Reset will also include optional but recommended protocols for:

Diet / Stimulants / Substances / Social Media & Technology / Silence

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for the
Radiance Reset experience:

  • Self-guided videos, audios and written content to guide you through the process of your 8-day stress cleanse
    • includes daily practice video with Britta and various content to inform and support your journey
  • Pre-recorded trainings to inspire a new mode of operating through ease, simplicity and intuition
    •  supporting your personal growth & productivity all at once!
  • An elegantly simple but efficient guidebook (PDF) to walk you through the 8-day experience
    • Including daily practices, wellness tools, integration techniques, and assessment/reflection opportunities
  • Daily emails to check in on your progress and keep you inspired
    • Including the option to leave comments in the lessons or reply to Britta for email support and questions

Sounding good so far?

Sound like something that would be helpful in your life?

I can attest this practice has been a complete game-changer for me personally.

Now I’m delighted to share my process and my personal practice with you, clearing the way for your most radiant, luminous self to emerge.

My intention with this offering is to make it affordable and accessible, so that this is an easy, lite decision for you.

Beyond the instruction, materials and container for the 8-day experience, you also get to keep the recordings, handouts and practices for life, so you can repeat as needed, again and again.

I’m delighted to offer the Radiance reset course for only $88


Please note:
This program is non-refundable.


Meet your guide:
Britta GreenViolet

Britta GreenViolet is a Holistic Health, Voice & Lifestyle Coach who teaches visionary professionals to optimize their energy, reduce stress and weigh what they want. She is also a musician, sound healer and vocal coach who supports men and women reclaim their voice as an avenue for healing, activism and human connection.

The published author of “Eat Here Now: a bite-sized guide to ritualize your life, nourish your body and feed your spirit.”, Britta’s work is informed by over a decade of study, research and inquiry in the fields of integrative nutrition, essential oils and plant medicine, yoga, sound healing and music, meditation, movement and spirituality.

Rooted in the belief that we must feel our best in order to be our best, Britta’s lovingly-crafted offerings combine mindfulness, ritual and holistic wellness methodologies that deliver radiant results.


What my Students are Saying
I recognize stepping into an experience like this has a LOT to do with the person guiding you through the experience. Here’s some words from my clients and students to help you get clear on whether you’re a “yes”…

I just signed up for one of Britta’s courses and she’s done such a beautiful job structuring things.
Her materials are lovely and well thought through.
Her member page is amazing and so rich with resources.
Her teaching style is juicy, fun, inspired and fresh… LOVE IT!
And… does she know her stuff!
Her delivery shows her mastery.

— Quiana Grace Frost, Catalyst for Conscious Evolution,


I was so impressed with Britta’s teaching abilities! Very engaging and entertaining, her rhythm and delivery was spot on all the time. She brings a wealth of information and truly inspires a holistic approach to life.

Love it! grounded, confident, clear, knowledgeable, supportive.”

Britta is the perfect mix of goal-oriented, solution-focused pragmatism coupled with a deep respect for mystery and intuition that often bypasses rational cognition.”

Authentic, helpful, knowledgeable, funny, creative, and kind.

Britta is a totally gifted teacher. Great presence– comfortable and confident. She maintained great professionalism while also creating a very warm and accepting environment.

Britta was instrumental in so many ways in my spiritual growth and awakening.



What exactly will the 8-Day Radiance Reset Program look like?

Here’s a simplified outline of the Schedule for this experience:

DAY 1: 2-hour recorded class

  • Preparation, opening ritual, morning practice (pre-recorded with Britta)

DAY 2-7: Daily Practice, Protocol, Checklist, Assessment

  • Daily Checklist + Spreadsheet
    • for accountability, tracking progress, building self-trust
  • Daily Morning Practice
    • movement, breathwork, meditation, and more
  • Recommended Dietary Protocol
    • Optional (but recommended) lite cleanse, including what to omit and what to add
  • Recommended Self Care Protocols
    • What you’ll DO throughout the week to promote radiance
    • What you WON’T do throughout the week that might dull your radiance
  • Daily Evening Ritual & Assessment
    • Short journaling, gratitudes, wins and learnings, end of day checklist
  • Additional Pre-Recorded Trainings
    • Video + Handout Training: A potent, transformative method for shifting the way you approach productivity, planning and daily operating in your life!

DAY 8: 2-hour recorded class

  • Reflections, practice, closing ritual, what’s next (pre-recorded with Britta)

Where does this format come from?

The structure of RR takes inspiration from a variety of sources and origins.

The concept of a Sadhana is at the heart of this practice, which gives us a container and a consistent morning practice that is repeated with the same elements each day.

My background in Integrative Nutrition brings the element of a “cleanse” or “detox”, drawing in the dietary and detoxification elements on both physical and emotional levels.

My interest in mindfulness, meditation, and mantra add specific methods to apply to our de-stressing experience, all of which have roots in yogic traditions (both Hatha and Kundalini lineages).

This experience is an amalgamation of my very favorite self-care and spiritual growth tools, put together in a digestible format and timeline that is simple, easy to follow and quick to produce results in the body, the mind and the connection with spirit.

Do I need any yoga or meditation experience to participate?

Absolutely not!

All are welcome. This journey is curated to be user friendly and applicable, no matter where you are in your experience level with yoga, meditation, mindfulness, sadhana or spiritual practice in general.

Will I need to prepare for the dietary cleanse before we begin?


On day 1 of the Reset, you’ll get simple dietary recommendations geared to eliminate the most common irritating foods to the body and nervous system. It’s ultimately up to you how far you take the dietary cleanse portion of the Reset, if at all…

Though I do recommend it, as it’s been my experience through personal experimentation as well as guiding clients for the past several years that what we eat actually plays a pretty big role in our peace of mind and stress/anxiety levels.

What do you say, my friend?

Are you ready to soothe your soul, your body and elevate your spirit, all with the support of a group journey and Britta’s mentorship to guide you along the path?

If now feels like a good time for self-care,,

A time for regeneration,

A time for hitting the reset button,

A time for gentle but devoted practice in service of your very best self to emerge…

I invite you to join me, with my whole heart!

I created this Reset from a place of need in the world today, in my community, and in my own soul.

Giving yourself a chance to rest, refresh and re-align is a great gift!

If this gift feels resonant and synchronistic, please join me!


I can’t wait to see you in the practice, my love.

In support of your radiance,