Sometimes, a hiatus 🦅

I’m writing this post from the soaring cloud-filled heights somewhere between Seattle and Santa Barbara. It’s a freaking gorgeous flight. Sun is shining, lush green water filled landscapes far below me, with the occasional snow capped mountain peaking through the billows of white cumulus clouds. What a life.

I’m heading back home to SB from a quick visit to my folks’ place. They live on the Salish sea in the Puget sound region of Washington state, where Ben and I will be relocating very soon! (more on that later…)

Today I’d like to share about not sharing…

… about the gifts of silence, reflection and slowing down.

(Maybe the forests are wanting me to bring some of their wisdom back to you.)

As you know, I love to write, and I love to share what is inspiring me… what I’m finding helpful along the meandering journey of life, as it pertains to YOU!

Everything I write and send here is woven with a silent prayer that it will support you in making your next big decision, or will help you respond rather than react to the next stressful situation that confronts you, or will give you a new perspective as you grapple with how to speak honestly to your partner or boss or colleague or beloved…

Which brings me to the hiatus. You might also call it a sacred pause.

I recently chose to take a hiatus from all social media, because I was constantly “shoulding” myself into posting and reading the posts of others.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore my community! Its made up of real people whom I’ve connected with in real life, and whom I deeply appreciate (like you!)

And… I was feeling weary.

Not because I think social media is evil (though if you’ve seen The Social Dilemma, you may agree to some validity there) or because I never enjoy using it.

But I havn’t been enjoying it lately. Each time I open Instagram or Facebook, I find myself hurriedly posting my own photo or blurb, then getting the heck outta there.

As someone who deeply values integrity, I cannot get behind something if my actions don’t feel wholehearted.

As I write that, I think of other examples from my life… I struggled with the thought of taking prescriptions all the time, which led me to essential oils and plant medicines. I struggled with feeling locked into someone else’s schedule, which led me to entrepreneurship. Now I’m struggling to authentically feel excited about spending more time on a screen, which led me to Alex Franzen’s “Marketing without Social Media” course.

I’m several weeks into the course, and I’m delighted to report that I’ve remembered something great!

Social media is not a necessity for living, or running a business!

Remember your life before social media? Remember when businesses didn’t have that option, and found copious other clever ways to spread the good word about their products and services?

Well my friend, I’m having a revival. And it feels great!

Mostly what I’m proud of in this moment is the fact I got some strong nudges from my gut, and I listened. I payed attention to the resistance in my body, and rather than overriding it (which I’ve been doing for many months now on this particular topic), I leaned in and let myself imagine another way.

Whether or not you’re wanting a hiatus from social media, I thought this might be a golden opportunity to invite you to join me in taking a break from something you suspect isn’t serving your highest joy and wellbeing right now.

If you could take a hiatus from something right now, what would it be?

If you could put something down for a week or even one single day,

(a behavior, a food or substance, a relationship, a recurring thought, a habit)

what would it be?

Sometimes, we need a permissionary to say “hey Friend, why don’t you take a break from that thing that’s driving you crazy?

Consider this both your invitation and your permission slip.

Sometimes, a hiatus is the perfect medicine of the moment.

We’re approaching a new month, which is always a great time for some sort of detox (ie. a break from alcohol, a day of silence, a social media cleanse or a juice fast)

If you’re hearing a gentle whisper right now about what your hiatus might entail, email me here.

I’d love to hear about your idea, help you formulate a plan and hold the space with you for your sacred pause.

(You’re also welcome to book a free Discover your Truth session to dive into a deeper convo with me)

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Here’s to the sacred pause and all the nourishment it holds for us.

In love + liberation,

I’ll offer my next new moon ritual + soundbath on Tuesday May 11th, which is a fabulous time to hit the reset button and assess where you might need a hiatus… I’ll send an invite next week, keep an eye out!