The ENERGY of January

(its NOT what you think!)

It occurred to me recently that January throws some interesting dichotomies our way!

One the one hand…

It’s the new year!

There is excitement rattling in our bones around fresh starts, new intentions and updated ideas.

This “newness” has also become a cultural buzz we’ve come to expect this time of year.

People launch new offerings, classes and programs begin, a new semester or quarter of school takes flight, and the invitations to join group actiivites abound.

On the other hand…

It’s the dead of winter!

We are animals– mammals, to be specific. 

And like other animals, there is a natural tendency to withdraw and hibernate this time of year.

If we think of seasonal archetypes, winter is death. 

Quiet. Sleep. Recovery. Renewal. Preparation. Rest. 

These are sweet nothings Mother Nature whispers in our ear during the month of January.

What a far cry from the ‘New Year’ anthems our culture has come to embrace!

So here’s the invitation my friend.
Decide what feels right for you.

If you gave yourself even one minute to close your eyes and withdrawl into your deep psyche, what would your animal self tell you it wants?

Here is a 5-minute Winter Wonderings exercise:

1)Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths. 
– Relax every muscle in your body, starting with your face, jaw, and eyes.
– Relax and soften your shoulders, and let your belly be full and round with each inhale.

2) Invite your animal nature to be present.
Listen for the birds outside…
feel the earth underneath you…
imagine what the creatures outside are doing this time of year, then tune into your own animal-self.

3) Ask that wild nature inside of you thes3 questions:
– What do I need this time of year to feel nurtured?
– How is my natural energy feeling these days?
– How do I long to feel?
– What are 3 words that sum up my deepest desires for how I want to live this month?

4. Take 3 more breaths, and write down your answers. 
Let your intuition speak!
This is your wild inner beast responding, after all.

Read your responses (or just ponder these questions if you’re resistant to writing them down), and reflect on how you can actually adjust your actions this month to match your nature’s desires.

A huge part of having radiant, sustainable energy is being realistic with our expectations, and actually letting ourselves rest and recover when we need it!

We are a part of nature, not separate from it.

By giving ourselves some respite this month, we fill our storehouses, rekindle our fires, and have a mighty reservoir of potent life energy to utilize once the tides begin to turn!

Does any of this resonate with you?
Let me know 🙂 

I’m here and I always love to hear from you!

And hey, hit reply and send me any questions you’re wondering about in regards to your vitality this year.

I’d love nothing more than to hit the nail on the head and serve you beautiful people as fully as I can, and the best way to do that is to hear from YOU what you’d like help with.

Sending you blessings and warmth, from my animal body to yours!

In delight for your thriving,