The “life” Diet

Our relationships, our job, our mode of body movement…
All of it feeds us.  
It’s all food.

If you’re designing a typical diet, you likely have specific goals in mind;
detoxification, releasing excess weight, clearing your skin, or gaining energy, for example. 

In order to lose weight, you gotta be motivated and committed to the goal. 

Otherwise, that banana bread will win every time. 

The Life Diet requires the same clarity, focus and commitment. 
We arrange our lives the same way we’d arrange foods on our plate. 
The question is, are there flavors on your plate that you’re not into?

Are you forcing something down your proverbial throat that makes you nauseous because you think you “should”?

If you’re suffering at your own two hands because you feel like you have no control over your weight, or your skin, or your exercise routine, here is a loving wake-up call: 
You are fully in control!
You are at the helm of the ship. 

Don’t like the crew? Need to replace the chef? Want to repaint the galley?

Do it!

Do it N O W! 

This time of year is traditionally a time where we glimpse a new calendar year looming, and begin to think about setting some new goals.  
Here are a few resources for aligning your actions with the things you desire most:

 1. The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte.
Danielle’s concept is to first decode the way you most want to feel in your daily life, then make goals based on getting to those feelings. Gold. 

2. You Need A Budget (aka YNAB).
This software is slowly bending my mind in a completely new way that has me really thinking (for the first time ever) about how I want to spend my money, then literally creating categories and giving each dollar a job so I can have at it. Many of us complain incessantly about not having money for the things we really want, then we turn our backs and buy shit we don’t need that wasn’t even on the radar before we saw it. Monetized goal-setting. Boom. 

3. Eat Here Now by yours truly.
Because if how we eat is symbolic of we do everything (which I fully believe), there is a serious lack of presence and mindfulness in the way we go about living our lives. Full of simple daily practices, I wrote this as a guidebook to transform your life, one bite at a time. 

4. Ask for help! 
And know that what you put out towards your goal is precisely what you’ll get in return. I’m so tired of the human (American?) mindset that we’ve got everything we need to accomplish everything we want all on our own. This year, do yourself a H U G E favor and budget some of your hard-earned cash to hire a personal trainer, or a health coach, or book a monthly massage, or invest in that training program you’ve been dreaming of. What are you waiting for, anyway? (hint: if you’re waiting to have enough money, try this on for size: investing in yourself will deliver returns you can’t even fathom).  

PS: If detoxification, releasing excess weight, clearing your skin, or gaining energy without stimulants is something you desire, message me let me love you up.

With 100% belief that you are a badass,