The Practical Power of Archetypes

On the new moon this month (the first of the new year!), I offered a ritual + soundbath.

{if you missed it live, it’s not too late to catch the replay here!
We’re still in the window of magic where you can harness the power of nature to support your restoration and visioning for the year ahead.}

In this month’s ritual, I used the Archetypes Deck by the Wild Unknown as inspiration. 

If you’re not familiar with archetypes, they are, in essence, a gateway into the liminal realm of the human imagination, wherein we step into our human lives as stories. 

And just as we glean insight from reading a fantastic novel, using the lens of archetypes to gauge the current status and trajectory of our life path is a brilliant and tangible way to assess, reflect, and redirect…

Which is what the new moon is all about!

Before the ritual, I put all the cards on the floor, mixed them up and put my hands over them. Then I asked the cards to offer guidance to directly support and assist anyone who attended the ritual or watched the replay in navigating this particular moment in time, as a human being on planet earth.

The 2 cards I drew made me cackle with delight!

Card One: The C O M I C


I won’t go too deep into the perfectly divined meaning I interpreted from these cards (you can check out the replay to hear my musing and experience the ritual + prompts directly inspired from these cards)

What I will say is that the invitation into examining our lives from the lens of the archetype is another portal into the themes I am exploring this year, including stepping away from the patriarchal, colonialist, capitalist pressure to strive and use brute force to get what we want, and stepping into a more fluid, more nature-based ecosystem of thriving. 

We are in mid-January, and it’s likely you’ve already been assaulted from all angles with offers, sales, programs, diets, detoxes, goal-setting strategies and so on. 

But again, I am here to stand up for a different way of BEING, where we remember that the beginning of winter is actually not a great time to start a bunch of new projects! (check out my previous article on moving from Ambition to Intuition on my blog if you missed it and want a refresher). 

So here’s the point of all this:

Sure, goals. They’re helpful. Focus is good, intentions are good, evolution is good.


what if we allowed ourselves to bring some of that focus instead to a curiosity around the archetypes you’re leaving behind, and the archetypes you’re stepping into?

Perhaps 2020 drew out some sides of you that needed to be expressed…

The Judge?

The Mother / The Father?

The Warrior?

The Shadow?

The Stone?

Where do you feel yourself going (or longing to go) in 2021?

The Lover?

The Pilgrim?

The Comic?

The Prayer?

The River?

I invite you to let yourself dream into the story of your life… 

In order to create the life your heart longs to live in this year to come: 

– What type of character would you step into? 

– What sacred tools would you wield? 

– What places would you dwell and roam?

Let this be a new approach to January Resolutions. 

The beauty of this approach?

There’s wiggle room, and an assumption of evolution.

The story will morph and change and flow, just like the river itself. 

One of my new mottos emerging as I move into a new form of my work is:

Embrace your ordinary, and awaken your extraordinary!

This is the beauty of archetypes. 

We can rest into our everyday is-ness, while simultaneously exploring and celebrating the exquisite nature of our mythic human-ess. 

Have fun with this, darling!

I’ll be back soon to share how to catch our old, tired patterns (ahem, the archetypes we are consciously and deliberately leaving behind), and transmute them into awakened actions that align with the version of our Selves we are stepping into.

Consider yourself hugged,

P.S. Music Recommendation: 

Check out this Spotify playlist I made called A Smooth Sway’

May it inspire you to easefully and gracefully dance from one archetype and into another!