The Recipe for Confidence

Confidence: a recipe with just 2 ingredients

Would you attempt to make bread without flour?
How about without water?

[OK I know there are lots of alternative bread recipes, but I’m talking about the classic, real deal.]

Any seasoned baker knows you need both flour and water in order to make bread. Sure, there’s a few other things sprinkled in there, but those are the two main ingredients.

I begin there to demonstrate that when you’ve got a recipe with just two main ingredients, you can’t omit one…

So let’s talk about confidence.
Lots of people want it!

Whether personally or professionally, if we don’t have it, it’s a quality or feeling most of us crave.

And if we do have it, we’ll easily admit that we only have it in certain areas. We constantly endeavor to expand the map of confidence within the landscape of our psyche and our body.

This desire for confidence arises whenever we decide we’d like to take on (and maybe even master) a new endeavor.

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Do you crave more confidence? 

Then my friend, allow me to share what I’ve discovered through personal experience and observation…

The 1st ingredient is skill-building.

This first step means honing your skills, building your knowledge base, undergoing training, getting educated, walking the path of practice, becoming schooled, asking questions, seeking answers, flexing your curiosity, researching, diving deeper.

We enrich our skills to a specific end, in pursuit of a specific goal.

This 1st ingredient is to build your skills and become devoted to your craft.

And to be clear— it’s an important one.

Education is an important part of feeling confident in your craft; whether you’re  teaching yoga or moving into a new profession or graduating school or taking a new lover into your bed or starting a new career (or learning anything new for that matter).

The 2nd ingredient is implementation.

This means taking action.

Going out and doing it, even before you feel “ready.”


This is where a lot of people get stuck.

They believe (and vehemently argue) that they need more information, more education, more mastery, more skills, different skills, better skills, more education, different education, better education, more information, more wisdom, better, more, different, better, more, more, more…

And guess what happens?

The need for MORE INFORMATION stops them from implementing

(ahem, going out and doing the thing they’re preparing to do.)

This is a coy, wildly common method of self sabotage!

Perfectionism in disguise.

I’ve experienced it myself. Many times.

This is where “imposter syndrome” lives.

Lots of us get deeply (and permanently) stuck here, thinking their information, knowledge, wisdom, and skill is never enough.

But let’s revisit the bread recipe…

The flour and the water work together to alchemize into that most delicious of creations!


Think about any great teacher or mentor you’ve had in your life.
I guarantee they worked on their skills like mad, and then at some point (probably while they were still completely intimidated and freaked out to do so), they STARTED!

You can study all you like, but in order to swim, you gotta get in the water, friend.

So, where have you been putting off the beginning of your next adventure because you don’t feel “you’re ready”?

It is only through studentship we cultivate our skills.

It is only through action we put our skills to work.

Then through action, our skills increase…

Ta da! A beautiful cycle of evolution!

The only thing standing in your way is your fear of getting started.

So, where are you waiting to begin?

In support of your evolution,