What does Enlightened Leadership Look Like?

Some thoughts for you today on leading from the H E A R T

I had a session with one of my beloved private clients recently, which began with him asking me how I was doing.

I smiled and took a deep breath, really considering his question.

I said something to the effect of it was a rough morning.

He raised an eyebrow and asked for more info.

I went on to briefly describe my morning, in which I awoke from disturbing dreams with a knot in my back and was swiftly engulfed by a huge, unrelenting wave of grief…

– grief for the absence of my in-person song and spiritual communities,

– grief for the loss of singing with other human beings in person,

– grief for lives lost and unimaginable violence I cannot wrap my head around,

– grief for the outrageous injustice in a system which I benefit from,

– and a mixture of grief and awe for this pandemic
(which, despite many people feeling “COVID is getting old”, we are very much still in the thick of.)

I’m sharing all of this because my client thanked me for an honest response to his question, and then we had a discussion on what real leadership looks like.

To me, true leadership is

I’m not interested in leaders who are perfect, who are unbreakable, who are invincible.

I’m not interested in leaders who are unfeeling, unflinching, unwavering.

I’m not interested in leaders unwilling to pause and question their role in society and the world.

The last few weeks of upheaval and increased visibility/ energy in the movement for black lives has taught me a LOT! (massive understatement)

And if I may, I’d like to share a few things I’ve been feeling thus far:

I’ve been very aware of the white-bodied leaders + influencers who have not responded to this incredibly important uprising at all, or responded only with a single black square, or responded with a few posts or reposts, and who have since returned to business as usual without looking back.

I’ve been dismayed at the sea of comments in major influencer’s feeds that essentially read,
I liked your feed better when you were posting about positive, uplifting things. I wish you would go back to your old content. I’m tired of the “politics” you’re posting now, and I am unfollowing you.

I’ve actually had a HUGE wake up call in my soul to the effect of…
What is happening right now (and what has happened for the last 400+ years) to black + brown bodied people is not political.
This is not politics. These are human rights!


As in, the right to breath.

The right to sleep.

The right to exist.

Will you take a deep breath with me, right now, my friend?
Soften your face, your shoulders, your clavicles, your heart.

As I take a deep breath, I fill my lungs and heart with new oxygen, presence, and appreciation for all I have.
I acknowledge my role of leadership in multiple communities and circles.

It is my duty and my life work as a leader to lead from the heart.
That’s who I am.

My mistakes, my grief, my fragility and my suffering…
All teachings. Blessings.
Dust becoming diamond.
I’ll honor it all.

And, I stand 100% firmly rooted in the unshakable KNOWING that everything happening right now in the world is in service to the awakening of humanity.

Good grief, it is uncomfortable at times.
(GOOD Grief! Get it?)

And of course, the bliss, the joy, the gladsomeness…
That too, is alive and well within me.
In fact, the deeper I can go into my grief, the deeper I can go into my joy.

To my fellow leaders:

who acknowledge what is happening in the world…

who aren’t pretending this pandemic is over…

who are educating themselves and standing up for others,

who are awake to the suffering of others

and rising up to serve the whole,
(even when that means personal discomfort and sacrifice)

I see you.
I bow at your feet.
I thank you!

Who are you looking to these days for guidance?

What mentors, teachers, or thought-leaders are helping you rise up into hope and personal power?

Perhaps you’re deeply tuning into your own highest wisdom and quieting other voices?


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I’d love to hear how you’re holding up these days.

Keep on keepin’ on, beloveds.

In support of your full truth and bold leadership,

In the name of joy, justice, restoration and commUNITY…