Workplace Programs

When you feel your best, you can be your best…
in your professional and personal life.


I partner with companies that put an emphasis on the health and well being of their employees.

Thriving in our body is the foundation for heightened productivity, creativity and innovation. 

But I’m not only talking about fitness and nutrition here… 

I’m also speaking about having the tools and practices to relieve (and prevent) the natural stress and tension that often occurs in the workplace.

Feeling good in our body makes a world of difference, leading to…

  • more confidence
  • greater self-esteem
  • heightened joy and contentment
  • increased self-awareness
  • clearer focus
  • sharpened productivity
  • a better attitude on life

And that is just the tip of the iceberg!


Here are a few reasons to partner with me
and promote radiant, holistic health for your employees:

When we feel better, we get more done. Period.

If we’re not happy with how we look, we’re more likely to hold ourselves back from stepping out, sharing our ideas and being visible in our business, company or work environment.

When we create mindful self-care practices, we are better equipped to manage the natural ebbs and flows of positive and negative energy that arise in a typical work day.

People who are able to stay calm in stressful situations and diffuse anxiety (in themselves and others) have trained themselves to utilize a specific set of holistic methodologies and tools.

Doing something as simple as drinking more water will improve everything corner of our lives! What other simple but practical tips could shift the needle and set us on a course for greatness?

Let’s work together to create a wellness toolbox for your employees to help them thrive in body, mind and spirit, so they can show up as powerful, present, centered individuals, ready to dive in and serve the community. 


Some of my popular speaking topics include:

Awaken Your Energy
3 pathways to radiant vitality in body, mind and spirit

Eating Wisely on the Go
Clever strategies for losing weight, staying energized and outwitting bad habits & questionable food choices while you’re away from home 

Stress Less
3 steps to soothe anxiety, relieve stress and restore balance to your mood without drugs or stimulants

The Art of Mindful Eating
Free yourself from the power food has over you, releasing stress & weight while you do it

Ditch The Meds & Use Oils Instead! 
How to relieve stress, detox your body, lift your mood and purify your environment using essential oils

Click HERE to download my Speaker Sheet and learn more about my work.

Ask me about creating a topic especially to target your employees greatest health/wellness concerns!


I’ve got a wide array of skills + modalities to contribute to the health of your company. 

Both a teacher and a lifelong student, I bring an attitude of curiosity and a passion for integration to my work. 

Some of the skills, strengths and brilliance I offer are:

  • mindfulness techniques
  • sound healing for stress relief
  • self-care methodologies
  • holistic nutrition training
  • stress and anxiety reduction
  • daily ritual & creating healthy lifelong habits


If I sound like a good fit for your company,
Please Contact Me:

I’d love to have a conversation and hear more — about your business, and how I can support you, your leaders and your employees to thrive… at work and beyond.


Phone: 253-720-6481


I’m available for:

  • lunch and learns
  • team meetings
  • half or full-day workshops
  • retreats
  • I’m happy to custom-create a program for your employee’s needs


Speaking, coaching and teaching
are some of my greatest joys in this life!

(I’m also a singer and musician, so using my voice is very familiar territory.)

My speaking style is bold yet friendly.

My teachings are infused with wisdom, transparency, connection, and warmth, with a splash of cheeky humor.

I’m not afraid to ask questions and get personal with my audience.

Curiosity, observation, and deep listening drive much of what I do— it’s essential I know what my audience is truly struggling with, so I can guide them toward new solutions and greater success.


Words from past clients & workshop attendees:

“Britta is supportive, spacious, present, mindful, kind, fluid and clear. Her support felt customized to what was best for me, not pushy or preachy.”

LC, yoga studio general manager, Santa Barbara

“Britta has such a sense of clarity! Her coaching was always helpful and steered me in the right direction towards greater balance. She was a consistent reminder to stay true to my personal well-being so that I can be as effective in serving others through my work as I can possibly be.”

Forrest Leichtberg, President, The Consciousness Network®, Santa Barbara CA

“In just a couple of months, I lost over 15 pounds and about 4 inches on my waistline. My energy level is the highest it’s been in many years and my entire relationship with food has shifted in a positive way. Britta is a true healer and she brings that energy with each meeting, treating the whole person. I highly recommend her, not just for weight and health but for whatever issues you need to work on. Britta is amazing and I consider myself blessed to have found her.”

Brian Coryat, Success Mentor & Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies, Santa Barbara CA

“Britta is immensely inspiring and shares so much of her profoundly genuine heart, soul, wisdom, vulnerability and power. It’s like a glow you just want to bathe in and have a little rub off on you. She brings out the best in me, and reminds me of what it means to be a full, rich, complex and beautiful human being in this time we have in our bodies, on this earth.”

Catlin Rockman, MFA, CPLC, Internal Family Systems™practitioner and self-actualization coach, Santa Barbara CA