Your Self-Talk: Toxin or Tonic?

We all talk to ourselves, right?

(I know I do, lol!)

As you cook a recipe, sweep the kitchen, work out the credit card bill or process a hard conversation with a loved one…

Talking to ourselves is pretty common.

No, I do not think you are crazy 😜

Many of us are verbal processors, and speaking out loud is how we actually come upon our truth.

Some of us often feel confused or unsure of the answer to a query, until we starting explaining the question to a friend, and then we quickly discover the answer…
(like Dorothy, the answer was under our feet all along! There’s no place like home…)

Here’s another level of inquiry: when you talk to yourself, is it respectful and kind?

Do you speak to yourself as you would speak to someone whom you love and treasure?

Or do you speak to yourself harshly, even with malice, disgust or judgement?


Unfortunately, many of us fall in this second category.

Our inner critic is L O U D

(soooooooo loud!)

In fact, our inner critic is so dominant most don’t realize we’re constantly feeding ourselves a toxic dose of contempt.

Like a slow drip of poison in our water glass that we can’t even see…

Does this sound familiar, friends?

Do you know your critic?

Can you call them out when they begin to nag at you?

Because this is truly such a handicap to our overall well being and our ability to thrive in our lives,

Here are 2 tips for identifying and quieting your inner critic:

  1. Give your critic a name. 

    Choose the name intentionally! Just saying it should make you bristle a little.

Imagine your critic as a person standing in front of you. Nagging, rude, overly judgemental, incredibly unkind and disrespectful, and definitely NOT a cheerleader for your highest self to emerge.

Once you’ve got a name for this entity, then you can begin a conscious relationship with them!

(think of Voldemort… “he who must not be named” allowed the entire wizarding world to simply live in fear, rather than face the fear head on. Harry Potter for the win!)

  • Whenever you hear your critic chime in, call them out.

    Use phrases like:
    I see you, ____ !” or
    Oh hi ____ , I thought I smelled trouble” or
    Oh ___ you’re here, no wonder I suddenly feel terrible about myself


These sentiments (and the process of personifying our inner bully) can help us fully realize what is happening, and why we are suddenly feeling toxic in our mood and self-esteem.

Then we can consciously choose to say something like,

“Hey _____, watch this!


Hi ____, I know you’re here and that’s fine, but pipe down, I’ve got stuff to do.”


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This so beautifully embodies the concept of loving awareness.

(Ram Dass, anyone?)

When we are willing to SEE THROUGH our own neurosis and call them into the light of awareness, suddenly we’ve got more command over our thoughts, our mood, and our life.

Here’s one more way I love to uplevel the words I say to myself:

M A N T R A!

Mantra is an ancient technology used by humans for over 3,000 years to support positive thoughts, powerful manifestation and clear understanding.

I’ve taken a deep dive into the potency of mantra over the last couple of years, and I’m delighted to share that I’ve created a new mini course called “Mantra Magic” to support my community in raising the frequency of their thoughts and words.

If every thought is a mantra, and if mantras are like a kind of spell, what kind of spell are you casting over your life on a daily basis?

In support of your loving, positive thoughts (toward yourself and others),