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Welcome, dear one!

I’m Britta, and I’m so glad you’re here. 

I’m a Voice + Vision mentor who guides courageous humans to liberate the edges of their expression and embody the power to pursue their true path.

The tapestry of my work is woven by threads of holistic well being, mindfulness, embodiment, self-care, creativity and expression, all of which is supported by a fierce devotion to getting out of my own way so I can be guided to where Life needs me. 

As someone who is simultaneously rooted in spirituality and practicality, my deepest longing is liberation for all beings— both from the oppressive constructs of the mind, and the oppressive constructs of living in a white supremacist, patriarchal culture that has pulled us away from the earth, from one another, and from the essence of what truly matters. 

With a background in Integrative Nutrition, Essential Oils + Plant Medicines, Embodiment + Mindfulness, Ministry and Self-Development facilitation and mentorship, my mission is to help you live your best life…

to step outside of your box, to take the road less traveled, to liberate your expression and get to the heart of what truly matters to you.

Whether you struggle with comparing yourself to others, holding onto old narratives keeping you stuck, despairing in your body, no longer resonating with your work, or feeling detached from your most authentic expression…

I’m guessing you’re here because you want to experience life as sacred (even the mundane, daily moments of ordinariness).

When you can embrace your unique quirks and gifts (with NOTHING to prove), you learn to…

  • speak your truth courageously, in real-time, to those around you
  • recognize your body’s challenges as opportunities for profound transformation
  • stand in your authenticity and willingness to be visible (even in your growth) 
  • liberate your creativity without self-doubt
  • show up powerfully as a leader, catalyst and way-shower in your community

I know it can feel daunting to see our biggest visions out in front of us and wonder, “how will I ever get there?”

But here’s something I know for sure:

One small adjustment of the compass moves the ship by miles.

All you really have to do is be willing (to take a chance and think differently), and focus on the next step in front of you.

So my love, do you feel willing and ready to explore your path?


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  • HOW  you desire to feel in your life (mind, body, heart and spirit)
  • WHERE you feel stuck in old boxes, cut off from your deepest truth and blocked from thriving
  • WHAT actions + decisions are required to move you forward on your extraordinary yet authentic path.

I look forward to connecting and supporting your best Self to awaken!


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Note: I am currently in a metamorphosis with life and my work!

As such, I’ll be launching a new and updated website later this year. Stay tuned!

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