Chant your way to Vitality, Abundance
& emotional Resilience


“Every intentional act is a magical act”
— Aleister Crowley


Do you believe that how you begin your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day?

The greatest secret to having a magical day is intentionally carving out time for an awesome morning!

But before we dive into the magic of what an amazing morning looks like…

Let me spell out what does not constitute an awesome morning.

If you want to be derailed, stressed out, distracted, you’ll do the following:

  • Roll over in bed in the morning and go straight to your smartphone
  • Check news, email or social media before you’ve raised your head from the pillow
  • Drink a big cup of caffeine before any water gets into your body
  • Create a morning devoid of ritual, planning, contemplation, or meditation
  • Feel out of whack but unsure of why you feel slightly out of control in your mood, nerves and state of mind
  • Repeat this cycle every single day


As someone who has devoted my life to vitality and creativity, I can assure you that the secret ingredients to taking control of your life and truly thriving are not that complex.

In fact, the recipe for thriving is simple.

The recipe to living your best life has the following ingredients:

Combine those ingredients in any number of ways and you can create a truly marvelous life.

Easier said than done, right?

Okay, let me give you a more specific recipe that may come as a total surprise…

Wake up and chant a mantra each day. 

Did I get your attention?
Let’s get into it.

Mantra is an ancient technology, and a secret superhero weapon against fear, doubt, stagnancy, and resistance.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to give yourself the best possible chance to thrive in your mind, body and spirit each and E V E R Y day of your life!

I recommend you try out this fairly simple spell of chanting mantra for 11 minutes, 5 mornings in a row, and see what happens.


Welcome to Mantra Magic!


In this self guided mini course, you’ll be given tools and methods that, when combined with healthy choices and a life well-lived, can lead to optimal levels of energy, abundance and inner radiance that shine on everything you do.

Over the course of this 5-day chanting challenge, you’ll begin each day with the intention to elevate your frequency, your energy and your mood.

From this launchpad you can more swiftly build emotional resilience and create new habits to help you stand tall in the face of stress, tension and uncertainty.


Why is this course called “Mantra Magic”?

Aleister Crowley, the great English occultist, ceremonial magician and creator of the renowned Thoth tarot deck, said, “Every intentional act is a magical act.”

If we can be intentional in our daily life (you might also call this mindfulness) then indeed, we all possess the magical gifts required to weave spells and create our reality…

You are hereby invited to see every thought as a mantra.

Whenever you notice thoughts crossing your mind that make you feel fearful, anxious, or stressed out, that is an opportune moment to shift your attention.

Mantra gives us this gift, the ability to shift our focus in any moment from something that depletes us to something that energizes us.

Ready to use your magical skills to uplift your energy, your mood and your attitude toward life?

Excellent. I invite you join me for


Chant your way to Vitality, Abundance,
& emotional Resilience


Mantra Magic is a 5-day, self-guided online mini course created to help you

  • Enjoy consistently magical mornings (and learn how to set the tone for calm, ease and abundance throughout your day)


  • Build confidence in your ability to show up for yourself (and create healthy habits that actually stick, leading to a healthier body and mind)


  • Use the power of intention to shift old patterns of resistance, fear & suffering (that hold you back from living your fullest, most radiant potential)


Whether you’re an experienced practitioner with mantra or if this is your virgin voyage into the vast expanse of chanting…

this course will hold your hand, provide tools you can use for the rest of your life, and show you a new way to operate from a place of grace, mindfulness and power.


What’s Included
Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for the Mantra Magic course:

  • 1 x pre-recorded video training on the transformative, magical power of mantra
  • 5 x 11-minute original recordings (one for each day of the challenge)
  • A robust PDF guidebook with lyrics, translations, meanings, intentions
  • A daily tracker for each day of your experience
  • Bonuses! (read on, friend)


How it works
The flow of this self-led 5-day chanting challenge is simple:

You say yes to the course, then get access to all the materials & recordings.
(you’ll probably want to download all the materials asap and get the mantras onto your device)

You look at your calendar and pick 5 consecutive days that you will do the challenge.
(the sooner the better!)

You carve out 30-60 minutes to read the PDF & watch the initial training video.
(so you know what to expect and are familiar with the mantras’ meanings and background)

You carve out 15-30 minutes each morning during the challenge.
(15 minutes is the bare minimum you’ll need to chant the mantra… But I highly recommend giving yourself an additional 15 minutes to settle and center beforehand, and drop into a meditation practice afterward.)

You observe how you feel and what happens when you begin your morning with mantra.
(keeping in mind that you’re setting the foundation for a lifelong practice.)

You’re welcome & encouraged to share feedback and progress with Britta and the Mantra Magic community by using the hashtag #mantramagicchallenge and tagging Britta on Facebook or IG.

At the end of the 5 days, you’ve got 5 new mantras in your tool belt
(which you can continue to weave into your morning ritual, daily routine and lifelong manifesting practices!)


My goal with this mini-course is to make it affordable and accessible, so that this is an easy, no-brainer decision for you!

Beyond the instruction and container for the 5-day challenge, you also get to keep the recordings for life, so you can listen again and again.

I’m delighted to offer the Mantra Magic course for only $44

Ready to get started?




Which mantras will I be chanting?
You’ll work with 5 different mantras:

  • 2 in Sanskrit from Buddhist & Hindu traditions
    • Om tare tuttare ture soha (the mantra of Green Tara)
    • Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha (the mantra of Ganesha)
  • 2 in Gurmukhi from Indian/Kundalini yoga traditions
    • Sat Nam (a mantra for truth and non-attachment)
    • Sa Ta Na Ma/Wahe Guru (mantras for wisdom & your infinite nature)
  • 1 in English, from the Kundalini Yoga tradition (words from Yoga Bhajan)
    • I am the Light of my Soul (a mantra to call true beauty, bounty & bliss into your heart)


How do I know what I’m saying, how to say it correctly, and what to do while I’m chanting?
You’ll get an in-depth (and beautiful, I might add!) comprehensive guide in a PDF form that is downloadable and printable.

You can keep it in front of you during your practice to help with pronunciation and comprehension, and are encouraged to review it as many times as desired to fully integrate the translations and meanings of each mantra. By reading these meanings over and over, trust that the deeper resonance will seep into your mind and entire being.

And, I want you to expect that you will develop your own relationship and understand with each mantra as well! The words and translation are just one component of this ancient and mystical technology. Do not underestimate the other underlying properties, including how they sound, how they feel in your mouth, and how they make you feel in your physical body and your energetic field or aura. These too are part of this tradition of mantra and absolutely crucial components of the spellwork you’ll be casting over your life!


Where do the recordings and melodies come from?
Yours truly!

Besides being a holistic health & lifestyle mentor, I’m also a musician, songwriter, sound healer and voice coach. My background as a yogi, meditator, life ritualist and student of spirit led me to mantra in a truly mysterious way, and now I cannot get enough!

Over the past 2 years, I’ve started working with mantras in a longer 40-day practice format (aka a sadhana), and I’ve witnessed in myself firsthand the incredible results. So of course, it was only a matter of time before I started playing with my favorite mantras and finding my own melodies, harmonies and rhythms that felt like resonant expressions of the underlying meaning and intention.

Each of the 5 recordings you’ll receive are original arrangements and melodies I created especially for this course. In other words, you’re getting a Mantra Magic album I made just for you 🙂

You get to keep these downloads for life, and listen to them again and again, whenever you want to call in the energy of each mantra.

Hint: Those ‘in the know’ with mantra not only use them intentionally for chanting during a morning practice, they also listen to them throughout the day, and even keep them playing in their house to invoke a specific intention or energy into their space (even when they’re not home!)

See why I call this course “Mantra Magic”?


Am I REALLY going to feel vital, abundant and emotionally resilient after just 5 days?
Sustainable, lasting change takes time to create.

We are all in different places with our physical, emotional and mental well being at this moment in time… In full transparency, we won’t likely achieve our optimal levels of health, abundance or peace of mind in the span of five days.

That said, it is always my goal with all my clients and students to give you the tools to create transformation in your life that lasts! I can personally attest to the power of this practice. If you allow it, it can absolutely be a catalyst for incredible change in your life, body and mindset.

At the very least, you’ll have 5 beautiful, original 11-minute recordings to play for yourself in moments where you feel challenged and could use any and all support possible!

And best case scenario, this 5-day challenge sets off a chain of events that lead to more confidence in yourself, stronger resilience in your emotions, a deep devotion to your own wellbeing and self-care protocols, and a flippin’ fantastic morning routine that sets the tone for a magical day!


Can I get a refund if I don’t like the course or don’t see the results I want?
This course is non-refundable.

My intention with the price point is to make it affordable, accessible, and very low-risk as an investment in your greater wellbeing.

It’s my prayer that you be patient with this process.

Cultivating your relationship with mantra is like making a new friend…

Be curious, compassionate, steadfast and consistent, and you will be blessed by the gifts of this practice like those before you have done for over 3,000 years.


And of course, because I always like to sweeten the deal…

I’ve got 2 awesome bonuses for you!

Bonus #1: Green Tara Mantra Audio (25-min extended version)

  • This special extended version of the Green Tara mantra contains 108 repetitions of the mantra, an alchemical and deeply symbolic numerology of repetitions.
  • This recording was done in real time, where i worked with a mala necklace with 108 beads and actually chanted the mantra 108 times
  • This recording is particularly potent to play in your home, space or simply to listen to in times of struggle, suffering or fear, as Green Tara supports us to transcend the viral energy of fear and physical/emotional/mental suffering

Bonus #2: How to Create Your Own Mantra (video/audio training + pdf)

  • As stated above, any and all thoughts can be considered mantras!
  • With that in mind, I’ve created a video training on how to come up with your own unique mantra to address specifically what you need to hear, want to call in or desire to manifest in your life.
  • I’ll also guide you through how to find and create a simple, beautiful, repeatable melody, and even how to record it for yourself so you can come back to it and repeat as needed!

Ready to dive in, my fellow spell-weaver?



This course will be live and ready for you beginning June 1st, 2020!

Grab it now, look at your calendar and schedule out 5 consecutive days to do the challenge.

Give yourself a few minutes to review the PDF before you begin each day, and you’re ready to create the most magical mornings of your life!


I’m excited for you to take this journey with me…

Let’s get enchanted.


Meet your guide:
Britta GreenViolet

Britta GreenViolet is a Holistic Health, Voice & Lifestyle Coach who teaches visionary professionals to optimize their energy, reduce stress and weigh what they want. She is also a musician, sound healer and vocal coach who supports men and women reclaim their voice as an avenue for healing, activism and human connection.

The published author of “Eat Here Now: a bite-sized guide to ritualize your life, nourish your body and feed your spirit”, Britta’s work is informed by over a decade of study, research & inquiry in the fields of integrative nutrition, essential oils, plant medicine, yoga, sound healing, music, meditation, movement and spirituality.

Rooted in the belief that we must feel our best in order to be our best, Britta’s lovingly-crafted offerings combine mindfulness, ritual and holistic wellness methodologies that deliver radiant results.